Hunting on lake Kariba

Downstream of the Zambezi river from Victoria Falls is one of the largest man-made lakes in the world - lake Kariba. The lake was created in 1958 after the construction to Zimbabwe's 112-meter-high Kariba dam, which blocked the path of the Zambezi river and formed a lake with a total area of 5180 km.
In 1955, when the dam began to build, living in the area Batonga the people that live in the trees, were driven by the advancing lake. They appealed for help to the God of the Zambezi river Nyaminyami creature with a fish head and a snake's tail, destroy the dam, and in 1955 only 1000 years flood of such power on the river almost destroyed the dam. Despite this, the dam continued to build.
The result was a beautiful lake, which could attract crowds of tourists, but they've all chosen to hippos and crocodiles. They are here in abundance and the conditions for extraction of these two trophies at the lake perfect.

Altitude and relief greatly affect temperatures and rainfall in Zimbabwe. In the higher areas in the East more rain and cooler. Temperature elevations vary from 12-13 ° C in winter to 24 ° C in summer. In the lowlands the temperature is usually a few degrees higher and the summer temperature in the valleys of Zambezi and Limpopo reach 38 ° C..
The summer rainy season lasts from November to March. Followed by a transitional season, during which both rainfall and temperatures decrease. Comes the cool dry season which lasts from mid-may to mid-August. Finally, there is the warm dry season, which lasts until the onset of the rains.

Trophy hunting is allowed throughout the year. However, because of the rains a large part of the hunting is carried out in the period from April to October, but June, July and August are the most popular months for hunting safaris.
There are no rules governing the number of days of a hunting safaris, if a minimum is set by the operator of the Safari.
How to get thereHow to get there
Direct flights to Zimbabwe is not. Possible options of flights: flights of British Airways with a stopover in London (assumes an overnight stay), as well as joint flight of Lufthansa and South African Airways with transfers in Frankfurt and Johannesburg. Duration of flight is about 14-15 hours, excluding connections. Johannesburg (South Africa) there is a good bus connection, up to 10 buses a day.
Hippo, Crocodile.

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Hunting in Zimbabwe can be conducted all year round however the best time for hunting is from April to November.


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The cost of hunting-fishing trip calculated for 10 days with two trophies (crocodile hippopotamus) - 35000$

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