Dorado gold

Dorado gold

Golden Dorado (You brasiliensis) is a large freshwater fish that lives in centerline part of South America. The Golden Dorado is found under the name of Golden Dorada. Despite the name, the Golden Dorado has nothing to Sparus aurata (Dorada or Golden spar) - the name arose from Association with the legendary El Dorado.


The Golden Dorado is a large aggressive predator, armed with wide powerful jaws with sharp teeth. The body of the Golden Dorado is slightly elongated, spindle-shaped with a large head. Color - rich Golden in back with blue iridescence in the center of the tail has a dark band of blue tint. Adult Golden Dorado reach up to 1 meter in length and weight up to 25 kg was the maximum weight - kg. 25,28

The main diet of the Golden Dorado are fish, particular preference is the predator gives Sabalo (not the little fish comparable in size and weight by a Golden Dorado). Hunting Golden Dorado groups, literally tearing sharp teeth prey to such behavior serves as another confirmation of nicknames river tiger (tigre de rio).


The Golden Dorado is a heat - loving fish, found in tropical waters with a clear over almost the entire territory of the Central part of South America. Despite the large size and resemblance to salmon, Golden Dorado is exclusively an inhabitant of fresh water and never goes to sea.

Fishing for Golden Dorado

Fishing for Golden Dorado is an incredible experience. This strong and stubborn predator, in truth, has the character of a tiger, able to withstand the most experienced angler and most powerful gear.

The Golden Dorado bite sharp and confident - almost immediately the fight begins. Somersaults, jumping out of the water, sharp jerks, constant voltage gear - all available when playing Golden Dorado.

Successful fishing on the river Golden tiger will leave a lot of impressions and will long be remembered as an exciting adventure.

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Fishing for Golden Dorado is an incredible experience. This strong and stubborn carnivore, with temperament of a tiger, and able to stand up to the most experienced angler and most powerful gear.

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