Armoured pike (Gar, Gaspar, alligator Gar, garfish) is a creature with a fish body and snout of the alligator, is considered to be one of the oldest representatives of the fishes, the appearance of which practical was not a betrayal since the days of the dinosaurs. Today, Gaspard can be found in the fresh waters of North and Central America. Live mostly in fresh water, some come in salty or marine.inhabits still or sluggish waters, and quiet backwaters of large rivers with brackish or salt water.
The official size record Gar caught, this specimen is long 291см. weighing 123кг.
There are now 7 types of armored pikes., the largest of these Mississippi pancernik, common in the valley of the lower reaches of the Mississippi and in the territories of the United States and Mexico adjacent to the Gulf of Mexico, South to the Mexican state of Veracruz.

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