Brown PACU (Colossoma macropomum) is a large fish from the family Piranesi (Serrasalminae), the only representative of the genus Colossoma. Brown puck is also found under the names: Tambaqui, Black PACU, Black PACU, Cachuma.


The structure of the body Brown Park is very similar to the piranha - the same rounded and prelucrate sides. But upon closer inspection the differences are obvious - the lower jaw of the Pack is not so clearly protrudes forward like piranhas, and the shape of the teeth, unlike the piranha, having pointed konusopodobnyh teeth have a trapezoid shape, resembling human teeth. The teeth of the upper jaw generally reduced.

In contrast to piranhas, PACU Brown is not a predator in its native habitat this fish is rather vegetarian, but in situations when you have to fight for survival, the Brown Pak can show that he has teeth.

Another difference from piranha - Brown PACU can reach impressive size (over a meter in length and 30 kg weight)

Color Brown pack depends on the environment and can vary from Golden-olive to dark gray.


Brown pack is not whimsical to environmental conditions and is easily adaptable, so that its habitat is gradually expanding, which contribute to many aquarists enthusiasts discovered suddenly Puck the habits of the predator or not expecting that the fish will grow to such a size (contrary to expectations, the size of the aquarium do not restrain the growth of the Puck as the other fish).

Native habitat, where the Brown pack is not inclined to the behavior of a predator and grows to maximum size, are the basins of the Amazon and Orinoco.

Fishing for Brown puck

Brown PACU usually lead a solitary lifestyle, adhering to the banks with low-hanging vegetation, during the rainy season Brown moves puck in flooded thickets, where we lay under the trees awaiting the fall of the ripe fruit.

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