The sailfish is the fastest fish in the world. It is able to reach the speed of 100 km/h. the Record is 109 km/h, it was recorded on a fishing database of long Key, Florida, USA. To develop such incredible speed he could from the peculiar structure of the trunk. Sailboat, sailing at high speed is able to hide the fin in the form of a sail in the notch on the back. When making a maneuver fin rises. A peculiar form of the tail, as well as a long protruding jaw help the fish to reach unprecedented speed, forming a kind of effect of turbulence. Thereby reducing the water resistance. All these features made the ship record for the race.
Weight up to 110 kg
Sailfish prefer warm Equatorial waters of the Indian and Pacific oceans, and can sometimes be found in the Red sea.The best places to catch sailfish off the coast of Costa Rica, Guatemala, Venezuela, Panama.
Among athletes, the capture of a sailboat is considered a special manifestation of the perseverance and skill of its fishing remotely similar to Marlin fishing, and the habits of these fish almost the same. It is as resistant and strong fish, able to wear down the persistent angler. When playing she jumps, rising vertically above the water surface and strenuously working as a tail in the water with his fin, it is able to fabricate fantastic somersaults. Close to shore the fish are not suitable, preferring to keep a distance of 10-15 km from the coastline. Often the yacht is a pack of several pieces and attack the bait continuously, bites for fishing can be more than twenty.
When fishing for sailfish it is imperative to accurately adjust the coil. If the brake is pinched, the fish can leave on the first pull,

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