Pike, or common pike — fish of the family schukovyh. Widespread in fresh waters of Eurasia and North America. Pikes are extremely voracious predators. They feed mainly on fish (roach, perch, minnows). Most often, the length of the pike up to 1 m (rarely 1.5 m), weight up to 8-12 kg (sometimes up to 35 kg). European pike - fish big pike in 5-6 kg of ordinary, sometimes there are individuals with a length of over five feet, weighing up to 24 kg. In lake Ilmen in 1930 he was caught a pike pulled 34 kg;
American pike:
The pike-muskellunge, or Muskellunge (eng. Muskellunge, Muskie) - a large, relatively rare North American pike.The largest representative of the family, so that the Muskellunge has gained worldwide fame and the nickname "Giant Pike". fiksirovanniy cases catch Maskinonge weighing more than 32 kg and a length of about 1.8 m. There is also unconfirmed news of the 50-pound Maskinonge, which allegedly was still raised in the early twentieth century. Of course, the catch is dominated by much smaller copies. The average weight caught on sporting tackle Maskinonge ranges from 2.5 to 16 kg.
The natural habitat of the Pike-maskinonge is the Northern United States and southern Canada. Fish lives in lakes and rivers in Northern States Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota, in the Great lakes and the St. Lawrence river and in the upper reaches of the Mississippi river. The pike-muskellunge were also found in the basin of the Red river that flows into the canadian lake Winnipeg. The muskellunge is found much further South in the basin of the Tennessee river, the major river of Tennessee. Also a small population of Giant Pike were found in the broad river in South Carolina.
Red pike is one of two (along with grass Pike) subspecies of the American pike. a small fish, the average weight of which is 200-300 grams. The biggest caught Red-finned Pike had a length of 40 cm and weighing less than 1 kg. Natural habitat of the Red-finned Pike - East coast of the United States from southern Maine to Central Florida. Outside the above mentioned areas Red Pike is not found.

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