Cod is divided into two main types: Atlantic and Pacific. Our fishermen are the most famous Atlantic cod, which is the main purpose of fishing trips to Norway. Atlantic or Norwegian cod (Gadus morhua, Norv. Torsk, eng. Cod). The area is habitat: North Atlantic, length: up to 150 cm., weight: up to 50 kg.
There are two main types of cod: the migratory, oceanic and coastal cod impassable. Coastal cod is a typical bottom form, and communicating - is largely pelagic.
Season of production:
- arcto-Norwegian cod (scream): January-April
young cod (spring cod): April-June
coastal cod: all year round
Arcto-Norwegian cod reaches sexual maturity at the age of 2-6 years. Spawning of cod extends from the coast of Finnmark to the Peninsula of Stad, but the main spawning grounds located near the Lofoten Islands. In the heart of the major fishing season in Lofoten lies the spawning migration of arcto-Norwegian cod. After reaching sexual maturity, young cod in the spring comes down from the Barents sea to the shores of Finmark. This cod relates to young and that it is produced in the period of the traditional spring cod fishing season. Coastal cod is similar to haddock in the Barents sea, although it leads a more sedentary life in shallow water areas. It is found along the entire coast at depths up to 600 meters

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