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Kyrgyzstan is the jewel in the Golden crown of Central Asia. If You are a fan of classic mountain hunting this country for You. Siberian ibex, markhor and Marco Polo sheep trophies which can be not for everyone, but if you feel in good physical shape and confident shooting at distances up to 600 m, welcome to our club of mountain hunters and without a trophy You won't leave here.
Fishing in Kyrgyzstan cannot please a variety, but the combination of the beauty of nature with the hunting of wild brown trout, small but worthy opponent, can not leave indifferent the heart of a fisherman. Order our fishing Safari in Kyrgyzstan and we will guide You to the best rivers of this beautiful mountainous country.

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Trout Safari on mountain rivers of Kyrgyzstan
For lovers of mountain fishing, rivers of Kyrgyzstan are a favorite vacation spot. After all, You are not the only fish, but also enjoy the magnificent mountain scenery. Your fishing takes place in the amazingly beautiful mountain valleys, and unspoiled nature.