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The Indian ocean generously angler trophies and offers a lot of Paradise for a great holiday and great fishing. Among the many Islands of Mauritius I want to highlight particularly. A small island, so beloved by the bride and groom, is considered one of the richest sites of Africa and one of the best for travelers. Healthy climate, the lack of typical for tropical diseases, insects, you can even drink water from the tap and without fear to get to the bustling city market.
And for the fisherman of Mauritius is open year round. When would You not came without a catch will not stay For You only the choice of trophy and fishing style, and our captains will provide you with everything You need and will deliver to the best fishing spots.

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Fishing in Mauritius
Mauritius is known worldwide as one of the best places to rybalki. We have selected for Your fishing expeditions and the most professional team and the most prepared boats on the West coast, known as the "Black River"