Cabo Verde

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The Republic of Cape Verde, often better known as Cape Verde is a country in West Africa, which has long-established the title of blue Marlin capital.
Cape Verde is located at the confluence of the warm Equatorial and the cold currents from the Canary Islands, which stimulates excessive growth of plankton, which attracts in these waters, a huge number of corals. Here caught about 200 fish species
The mild climate, the absence of any tropical diseases, will make Your fishing a real pleasure, the opportunity to hold out for the beak ocean giant Atlantic blue Marlin, weighing over 400kg, just requires You to go on a fishing tour to these hospitable Islands, with a gourmet kitchen overflowing with fresh seafood, childishly good-natured Creoles, and produced only a drink made from sugar cane insist on coffee, cinnamon, Lima, figs, mint leaves and eucalyptus.

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Big game fishing in island San Vicente
Cape Verde is often called the capital of the Marlin, which is caught all year round. And the best places to hunt them - the Strait between the Islands of Sao Antao and Sao Vicente is very well known to avid anglers. The average weight produced here Marlin up to 200 kg but not uncommon, especially towards the end of summer and autumn specimens of more than 400 - 500kg.
Coastal fishing on the island of Sao Antao
Coastal fishing in Cape Verde will surprise You and plenty of trophies and low price. And this You will get a great vacation away from civilization, feel the genuine hospitality of the locals and enjoy the deserted black beaches and simple but delicious food of local fishermen.
Vertical jig on the island são Nicolau
Not much in the tropical waters of such places as the island of são Nicolau, great depths near the shore, let not stray far from him to catch quite a trophy fish.