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The Republic of Seychelles is an island country in East Africa, has long been firmly included in all tourist guides as one of the best places for vacation in the tropics. It is steeped in wealth, and financial and natural. Luxury villas, expensive yachts, the incredible landscapes of untouched nature, white beaches and colorful underwater world, such harmony in all You will not find anywhere else.
None of the travel Agency can not overlook the Seychelles, for the sake of the tourists and of course fishing trips are always part of their program. Seems as if there is an ocean, we should be fishing, but it's not so simple.
Seychelles is located on a plateau whose boundary (the drop-off, DROP OFF) is at a distance of about 60 km from the coast. Therefore, in the coastal area there are no large depths (usually up to 50m.), so there is no trophy fish. For a start drop-off depths of 1500 -2500 meters and it is here and You will find trophy fishing, but to get here and to not go back under the force of the standard sports fishing boat, and the use of large yachts with ample reserve is immediately reflected in the cost of fishing.
The best fishing in the Seychelles and probably in the world, in the area Emigrantski Islands, where the bottom of the Indian ocean forms a trench with a depth of over 5km. you can Reach it only on a large yacht having a distance of 150-160 km, but the fishing here surpasses all expectations and makes you forget about the money spent.

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Fishing in the Seychelles
Seychelles a well-deserved become one of the world's centers of fishing. They attract not only the rich underwater world, but also developed tourist infrastructure.
Fishing at Seychelles