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The Maldives

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The Maldives is rightly considered one of the best exotic destinations. Here 1,190 Islands (or atolls) and they are all as on selection: with blue lagoons, sandy beaches and unique vegetation. For a decent holiday they have it all: peace and quiet, beautiful nature, rich underwater world. 96% of the territory of the Maldives is water and fishing is presented here in all its diversity.The Indian ocean is considered to be the most rich and full-bodied inhabitants of the underwater world. Reefs throughout the Maldives archipelago is truly Packed with numerous species of predatory fishes of different sizes.

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Maldives Safari
Safari the kind of holiday that will never let You get bored. New places every day, comfortable boat. A professional crew. Fishing, diving, beaches. Explore all the riches of the Maldives.
Fishing on the Atoll
Russian fishing base in the Indian ocean. The best places for fishing and diving, pristine coral reefs and uninhabited island, far from tourist routes.
Corporate holiday in the Maldives up to 14 people
Exciting corporate holiday in the Maldives
Corporate holiday in the Maldives up to 30 or 50 people
Exciting corporate holiday for a large company in the Maldives