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If you are planning to visit Romania and deserve a five star luxury hotels, VIP service and transfer to Bentley or Rolls-Royce, better choose another country. But if you want to be closer to nature and traditions, enjoy traditional natural food, to experience sincere hospitality of the people, see stunning natural landscapes, do not hesitate to plan a trip to Romania.
But if You are passionate about hunting, then skip the hunt in Romania, You are not eligible. After many years of prohibition, this country provides a hunter with such abundance and quality of the trophies, which cannot be found in any European country.

And another huge plus in favor of hunting in Romania - all hunting is conducted in a fully wild animal in natural conditions. No cages, fences, kennels, etc.

And after a successful hunt, You can extend the fun on the beautiful ski resorts to rejuvenate in the famous spas and clinics (only Romania is the only source of authentic anti-ageing drugs based on Gerovital H3) and of course to breathe the mystical atmosphere of Dracula's Castle.

Romania is worth a visit, and we're sure that after one of them you will be back or that you would recommend this area to friends or other interested people.


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Hunting in Romania
Particularly memorable will be hunting for brown bear. To get this biggest in the world a strong and powerful beast, come here from all over Europe.