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Guyana (Guyana) is a relatively small country (214 970 sq km) in the North of the South American continent. Being a British colony, Guyana was known as British Guiana, and only with independence received its present name (in translation from Indian - land waters).

Since independence, Guyana was the only English speaking country among the countries of South America. A large part of the Guyanese population (over 80%) are descendants immgrants from India and Africa. Despite development education and small economic growth in recent times, Guyana remains one of the poorest countries in the world.

As part of the Guiana highlands, the territory of Guyana is a hilly terrain with low mountains (the highest mountain Roraima with the summit 2875 m). Along the coast of the Atlantic ocean on the North, stretches a narrow strip (about 60 km) a flat plain where are concentrated most of the population.

The climate in Guyana is hot (average temperature 27 to 32 °C) and humid. Most of the territory of Guyana is covered by tropical jungle. Guyana has a vast water basin with many lakes and mountain rivers, forming magnificent waterfalls, one of which is Kaieteur exceed Niagara in height in 5 times. The fauna of Guyana are presented mainly inhabitants of tropical latitudes.

Fishing in Guyana

In the rivers of Guyana, there are many types of fish, the main fishing trophies include peacock bass, surubi, trahira, bicudo, perarasu, puck, to Aravan. But the main purpose of fishing in Guyana - the legendary arapaima, which is found in lakes and relatively calm tributaries of the rivers of Guyana.

Thanks to the abundance of fish, fishing in Guyana does not impose any requirements and preferences in the technique of fishing is equally biting well at all depths. The local fishing is productive both for spinning and fly fishermen.

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Fishing for giant arapaima

The Essequibo river is the best fishing river of Guyana, a special glory which is brought to the giant arapaima.