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Turkey with its 21 188 747 ha of forests (approximately 27.2% of the entire country) is home to 38 national parks, 35 nature protected areas, 17 natural parks and 101 nature monument. Due to the annual improvement of the system of wildlife management and the new hunting law of 2004, Turkey was able to declare itself as about one of the most desirable places for hunting.
According to international agreements and treaties such as the 1984 BERN, 1994 RAMSER, 1996 CITES Turkey as one of the countries that preserve their natural resources for future generations.
The country is home to many animals of interest to hunters. This bezoar ibex, Anatolian chamois, konisky sheep, Armenian mouflon, Asian bear, boar, deer, ROE deer, wolf and lynx, and the Mediterranean sea will give You not only a delightful beach holiday but a good trophy fishing. The sea here offers a great species diversity of fish, but its so many as in tropical and Northern oceans, so go out fishing without the support of a professional skipper - a fisherman we would not recommend.

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Sea fishing in Turkey and Northern Cyprus
Professional captain, the professional boat - best fishing that You can find in Turkey.