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Colombia (Colombia) is a country in the northwestern part of South America. The coast of Colombia is washed by Karibskogo sea (Northern coast) and Pacific ocean (Western part of the country).

Capital: Bogotá
Currency: 1 columbian peso = 100 centavos
Official languages: Spanish, English, Creole

The Western part of Colombia occupied the Andes, the Northern part of the country is Picaresca lowland to the mountain massif the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta and the highest mountain of the country - cristóbal colón (5775 m), whose top is covered with eternal snow. A large part of Colombian territory is the Savannah and tropical forests of the Llanos, the Amazon jungle.

The climate of Colombia is quite diverse due to the landscape characteristics and geographical location. On the Pacific coast is dominated by hot humid climate (it is considered one of the wettest places on the planet - over 10,000 mm per year), and on the North-Eastern part the climate is more arid, it drops only 150 mm/year. The average annual temperature in most parts of the territory - 29, what remains almost unchanged all year round.

Colombia has a large water pool, represented the numerous rivers and tributaries, the largest of which Atrato, of Japura (a tributary of the Amazon), Vichada (a tributary of the Orinoco), Magdalena, Meta, the Inirida caño Cristales (the unique beauty of the river, the waters of which are painted five colors) and others.

Tourists in Colombia and attract picturesque beach resorts, and numerous museums, monuments, colonial and pre-Columbian cultures, the huge national parks and reserves.

Fishing in Colombia

Anglers from around the world are attracted to freshwater fishing in Colombia. In the waters of this country there are more than 1600 freshwater fish species, many of which are endemic, due to the unique conditions. Of most interest to freshwater fishing in Colombia represent Arapaima, peacock Bass, PACU, of It, Surubi, Bicuda. As a large part of the protected area, the water basins of Colombia are devoid of fishing pressure, which ensures a good fishing astounding, trophies.

Colombia has a bad reputation as a country with a high crime rate, therefore, offering fishing in Colombia, we have a lot of attention to security issues and can guarantee the reliability of our partners and staff.

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Fishing on the river Vichada

7-day tour with fishing for Peacock bass on the river Vichada and catching Payara (fish-vampire) on the Orinoco river.