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Nicaragua (Nicaragua) - colorful state, is geographically located in North America, between Honduras (Northern border) and Costa Rica to the South. The coast of Nicaragua washed by the waters of the Pacific ocean in the West and the Caribbean sea - East coast. The land area of 129 494 km2.

Capital: Managua
Currency: 1 córdoba = 100 centavos
Official language: Spanish

Most of the territory of Nicaragua is the Nicaraguan highlands, stretching from the Northern borders to the lowlands on the southern coast of the Caribbean sea. The Eastern part of the country is wetlands with mangrove forests and dense jungle. Due to adverse climate and landscape, the lowland on the East coast of the Caribbean sea was named the Mosquito coast, once this territory was a favorite place for pirates of the Caribbean, due to inaccessibility and lack of interest on the part of the colonizers.

On the Pacific coast of Nicaragua the climate is milder in comparison with the Eastern part of the country, there are large resorts - Leon, Managua, Catarina, San Juan del sur. The average temperature on the West coast in summer is 24-32 C in the winter months the temperature does not fall below 16 C In contrast to the Caribbean coast, where the rain pours in the Western part is relatively dry, there is a clear seasonality, precipitation of 1450 mm/year.

The water Nicaragua is approximately 8% of the territory, the greater part is occupied by lakes Managua and Nicaragua (largest lake, is a habitat of freshwater sharks). The major rivers are the Coco (780 km), Rio Grande (430 km) and San Juan (192 km).

Fishing in Nicaragua

The greatest interest among anglers in Nicaragua is sea fishing in the open sea or in river deltas. Here is caught Barracuda, yellow Jack, snook and other species. Among freshwater trophies in rivers of Nicaragua interesting Brikon and relict pike Gaspar. And yet, the major trophy for fishing in Nicaragua is considered the Tarpon or the Silver king - a large, up to 2.5 meters, the fish weighing up to 150 kg Fishing Tarpon fishing requires considerable skill and patience. Tarpon are strong and hardy fish, possessing opennote structure that impedes the hook of the hook, but the process of playing, if you were able to hook in, can last for hours. Tarpon worthy opponent and, as a trophy, is a confirmation of the experience and skill of the fisherman.

Fishing for Tarpon in Nicaragua - a fun and exciting adventure that will leave many pleasant impressions, and fishing trophies will be for many years a source of pride for any angler.

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Fishing in the Delta of the river
If Your goal is a trophy Tarpon, it is best this place.