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Fishing is not just a hobby. For many, this kind of active rest is an integral part of life. According to some psychologists, fishing gives you the opportunity to sell the instinct of the provider. But most of all, in our modern reality, it is a good way to escape from the everyday hustle and bustle, to forget their worries and change the situation. Fishing tourism is actively developing in Ukraine. Nature has endowed its territory with abundance of water.

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Fishing on the basis of "Falcon"
Fishing in ecologically clean region of Ukrainian Polissya!
Fishing on the river
If you dream about the good fishing in a beautiful cozy place or you just want to escape from the hustle and city problems, come to "the Delta of the Dnieper"
Private estate Turansky Yard
Great stay and fishing in the Carpathians
Fishing in Kremenchug
Wonderful stay and fishing in Kremenchug. Hotel-restaurant complex "EK"
Fishing in the Kherson region "Golden Pheasant"
Unforgettable holidays in the Kherson region with fishing
Fishing in tolokun'
Cozy stay and fishing in the Kiev region
База отдыха Берег
It's a cozy place on the banks of the water storage reservoir, where you will relax with family and friends
Country residence on the Kiev sea
Legendary fishing at the Kiev sea
Fishing on the lake of Mihajlina
Trophy fishing on lake of Mihajlina
Fishing on lake Karpich
Get pleasure from fishing and a nice country holiday
Recreation center Polytechnic
Great vacation with fishing near Kiev