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Bolivia located in Central South America and borders with Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Chile and Peru. The Western part of Bolivia is the Andean highlands, in the East - tropical forest and Chaco (in translation - literally, hunting land), where flows the second longest river in South America - paraná. In the Western part of Bolivia, in the Altiplano, lake Titicaca is the highest in the world and the second largest in South America. In the southwest, in the Department of Potosi, is the largest salt flat in the world Uyuni.

Bolivia is rich in natural resources - gold, silver, oil, gas, nevertheless, more than 60% of the population (mainly Indians and mestizos) are below the poverty line. Despite a rather turbulent history, Bolivia is considered a safe city, crime is usually limited to minor offences.

Due to the geographical characteristics and protected nature reserves, fauna of Bolivia is quite varied - more than 200 animal species, among which endemic Jumper Orally and Anaconda, Paraguayan resembling, more than 1000 species of birds and about 300 species of fish.

Fishing in Bolivia

Fishing in Bolivia is various and unique. Many rivers and lakes in the Amazon basin abounds with variety of fish - giant catfish, Amazonian bass, piranha, PACU, peacock bass, it, surubi, the Golden Dorado.

Lovers of exotic and extreme fishing would certainly be an interesting fishing on lake Titicaca. The altitude of 3812 meters in the fresh water reservoir with an area of km2 8446, along with freshwater inhabitants, are found the representatives of the marine ichthyofauna.

Fishing in Bolivia may bring quite unexpected trophy - representative of unknown or presumed extinct species.

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Fishing in Bolivia

The tour takes place on the territory of the National Park Madidi Fishing for PACU, Surubi, Golden Dorado