Portugal and the Azores

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Portugal has 943 km of coastline and it is not surprising that sport fishing in this country is very popular.
Up to 200 different species of fish will become Your trophies in these waters, including large predators, like Marlin and tuna. Fishing is possible almost all over the coast of Portugal, but based on our experience, we highlighted two areas that You offer.
Speaking of fishing in Portugal, first and foremost, I want to emphasize the Azores. These nine gems of the Atlantic, can't leave You indifferent. Beautiful beaches, beautiful nature, friendly people and one of the best places for fishing. Here, every angler will find his trophy. List of world records set by fishermen off the coast of the Azores archipelago, is impressive and encouraging to write your name on this list.

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Fishing tours from Lisbon
A suburb of Lisbon, Cascais, ancient fishing village - the most magical place, which will be warmly welcomed by professional fisherman and an Amateur who wants to diversify their holidays fishing and all the members of their families, to each of which he will give an unforgettable vacation.
Fishing in the Algarve
The Algarve is the ideal place to combine sea fishing with a family vacation! On the international scene among fans of sea fishing wanting to catch a record blue Marlin, Algarve firmly occupies one of leading places.