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Traveling to Madagascar, it is hard to imagine that You are on the island, it is more like a small continent with all the variety of its exotic nature. For lovers of exotic, hard to find a place that can compete with the Madagascar. Here You will find everything: mountains and volcanoes, tropical forests and deserts, rivers and the ocean, And most importantly – it's unique flora and fauna that cannot be seen anywhere else.
It would be strange if all this abundance of life forms has not touched the depths of the sea and even more incredible to anglers from all over the world bypassed Madagascar. No abject poverty or a high crime rate, plenty of nice diseases that await the traveler, the lack of the usual in our understanding of comfort can not spoil the impression of this fan of tropical fishing.
It is because of totally awesome fishing, we gave Madagascar a lot of time, choosing partners, captains, and fishing, so You won't feel negativity from visiting the country and fully feel the beauty and richness of its nature, the luxury of Golden beaches and the bounty of the Indian ocean.

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Fishing in Madagascar
Recreation and fishing are never erased from Your memory