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Hunting and fishing in Kazakhstan will not leave anyone indifferent. On the vast territory from the Caspian sea to the Altai mountains, this country provides us with ample opportunities for hunting and fishing trips.
Lake Balkhash and the ili river, this area is often called the TRANS-Balkhash area, the waters of which have no equal in the abundance of fish, has always attracted fishermen and underwater hunters. A Volga peals, by which has gained its well-deserved popularity fishing in Astrakhan, here due to the low fishing pressure and give the fisherman much more rich catch.
Hunting in Kazakhstan is a separate topic for a long conversation. Medal trophy deer and ibex in the foothills of the Altai and Tien Shan, the gambling and hunting, all of which we managed to visit, hunting for wolves in Kostanai region with snowmobiles, goose hunting in the North and duck in the Volga Delta is a very short list of what You will be surprised of Kazakhstan. And in addition a holiday in one of the most remarkable cities of Central Asia – Almaty, with its beautiful climate, great food and people, always warmly greets guests.

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Fishing camp on the Volga peals
Fishing base called "Kigach" located on the eponymous river in Atyrau region of Kazakhstan on the border with Astrakhan region of Russia. This river is the only flow entering the territory of Kazakhstan from the Volga river Delta
Fishing Base "Mayak"
Secluded on five Islands in the heart of the Delta of the ili river, 15 km from the lake. Balkhash , located fishing camp "Mayak".
Fishing base "Jumper"
Balkhash is one of the interesting parts of nature, surrounded by deserts, full of light and warmth.
Fishing in "Delta"
Fishing base of rest "Delta" is located in the southern TRANS-Balkhash area, in the heart of the Delta of the ili river, 15 km from lake Balkhash