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Venezuela (Venezuela) is a small country in Northern South America. The coast of Venezuela are washed by the waters of the Caribbean sea and the Atlantic ocean. Located slightly North of the equator, Venezuela shares borders with Guyana, Colombia and Brazil..

The territory of Venezuela, different landscapes and altitudes of the Venezuelan Andes (North-West) with heights up to 5000 meters (Pico Bolivar, the highest mountain of Venezuela - 5007 m), the extensive plain of Maracaibo lake (lake Maracaibo - the largest lake in South America), Guiana highlands, where is the famous angel falls (the highest in the world).

The presence of natural resources, Venezuela is one of the richest countries in the world, the main source of income, about 30% of GDP oil production (Venezuela is a member and one of the founders of OPEC, is among the ten countries in oil production). Despite the strong economic potential of Venezuela is one of the most poor countries in terms of life on the territory of a state are pervaded by corruption and crime.

The water basin of Venezuela occupies more than half of the country and represented one of the largest rivers in South America - the Orinoco, with its many tributaries. The water level in the Orinoco unstable in dry periods the water level drops significantly, and the small tributaries are converted into the chain of lakes.

Fishing in Venezuela

In Venezuela is possible as freshwater fishing and saltwater. Freshwater fish are the most interesting trophies are presented to the Peacock bass Pavone, Pyara, Trahira among a sea of trophies it should be noted: flying fish, tarpon's, barracuda and other. Specific interest is fishing marlin's one of the largest fish on the planet.

Technique and kinds of fishing, fishing in Venezuela attractive for lovers of fishing lures, and flyfishing. Extensive water basin of Venezuela offers a wide choice of locations and conditions for fishing.

When planning a fishing trip in Venezuela, to avoid the unpleasant situations, be sure to follow the vaccination and don't forget about health insurance. Medicine in the country, though free, but in very poor condition and the services in private clinics are quite expensive.

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Fishing on the river, Paragua

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