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In Finland 187 888 lakes, the Finnish lake district - the most extensive area of continuous lake in Europe, as well as 1,100 kilometres of Baltic sea coastline, including its archipelagos, and 647 rivers covering 25,000 kilometres. What more could a fisherman? In these waters, surrounded by one of the most beautiful landscapes in Europe are found 67 species of fish.
About 300,000 foreign tourists each year come here for fishing..
And in recent years, the popularity of fishing tourism in Finland is gaining momentum and we have. Easy logistics, even by plane, even by car the European service, a huge number of accommodation options with reasonable prices, professional fishing guides, and of course the stories, the lucky ones who has already been there. Join them, book a tour on a fishing trip to Finland.

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Fishing in the Åland Islands
Raspolozhennye Aland Islands in the Baltic sea between Finland and Sweden is known throughout Europe as a Paradise for fishing lovers.
Fishing on lake Maharvi
Province Eastern Finland, Region Southern Savonia.
Tourist village is located in Pertunmaa, one of the best tourist places of the country of thousand lakes, Finland.
A fishing complex in South Savo
Southern Savonia is a region in South-Eastern Finland. It is located approximately two hours drive from Helsinki.
Fishing on the lake, cottages soukkio
Озера региона Южное Саво давно уже не нуждаются в рекламе среди рыболовов
Fishing on lake Poulose
Its fame among the fishermen of the lake, the Pool owes the abundance of trophy pike. Specimens of 10kg are not uncommon.
Fishing in the Gulf
If Your goal is the big pike, what better place than the Bay Pernia You will not find.
Fishing on the nearby lake is Kyyvesi
Fishing tour with fishing on the nearby lake Kyyvesi in Finland