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Panama (Panama) - a unique country, being at the same time on two continents - North and South America. Geograficheskim, Panama is located on the narrow isthmus that connects North and South America. In Panama implemented the largest construction project - the Panama canal that connects two oceans and has a strategic importance in the global economy.

Capital: Panama
Currency although Panama has its own currency - Balboa = equals 100 centavos, circulation is dominated by the US dollar
The official language is Spanish, but used, French and English

The subequatorial climate of Panama, the temperatures are fairly constant throughout the year: in the afternoon about 30, P. 19-22 In relation to the humidity - there is a clear seasonality in the summer (December to April) there is about 50 mm per month in winter up to 400 mm/month. The landscape of Panama is quite raznoorazny - the lowland plains on the coast moving into mountainous areas to the centre of the country. The highest point in Panama is volcán barú (3475 m).

Numerous resorts, the unique nature and culture, leisure activities annually attract to Panama thousands of tourists from all over the world.

Fishing in Panama

Due to the close proximity of two oceans, Panama is truly a Paradise for lovers of sea fishing. Such a number of captured fish species in Panama are found nowhere else. The name of the country translated from Indian dialect as the abundance of fish. Barracuda, Wahoo, Grouper, Trevally, Dorado, snapper, Mackerel, Sailfish, Pompano, Roosterfish, Serial, snook, Tarpon, Marlin and several species of Tuna will become your trophy fishing in Panama.

Numerous fishing spots with different conditions and diversity of fish species make fishing in Panama all kinds of tech gear. Trolling, drifting, jigging, fly fishing, casting, bottom fishing will be productive off the coast of Panama. It is worth noting that more than 150 world records in sports fishing is recorded in Panama. Sport fishing Panama is one of the strategic directions of tourism, which is of key importance in the economy, and strongly supported by the state, so in many areas prohibited commercial fishing and no fishing pressure.

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Fishing in Panama near the Shore Tuna
This fishing should not be forgotten. Up to 12 different species of fish per fishing day.