Base Vikran

Airport: 30 km
Shopping center: 30 km
City center: 32 km
Gasoline: 20 km
Berth: 150 metres
Sea: 10 meters
The base is located in the Strait of Rystraumen, and for always brings in the big fish. Close to great places for catching catfish and halibut. The largest catches of the season 2017 - 175 cm halibut, catfish 10.5 kg and 20 kg. of cod In the polar night Vikran perfect place for watching the Northern lights. It perfectly illuminates the sky over tromsø. Just have to adjust the camera and, taking a Cup of hot tea, to catch the moment right from the terrace.
On the basis of the command of the Russian language.

The feature of fishing on the basis of:
  • Protection from the wind and big waves. In contrast to bases located on the coast of the ocean, the Strait is well protected from the winds, and so going fishing rarely closed due to weather conditions.
  • The proximity of the fishing spots. Most importantly do not have to spend large amounts of time for transitions to cans, the best places located 100-2000 m from the
Due to the warm Gulf stream, the climate in Norway is much milder than in other parts of the world, located at the same latitude, such as Alaska and Siberia.
Coastal climate makes winter in tromsø mild and summer – cool enough.
The coldest months are January and February, the average temperature in this period is -4 °C.
July and August are the warmest months with an average temperature of 12 °C.
The driest months are may and June, during this period, there is 50 mm of precipitation.
October – the wettest month.
Here there are strong winds, especially in late autumn and winter
How to get thereHow to get there
Of all the cities located in the Arctic circle, to Tromso to get the easiest.
Tromsø airport is a modern transport hub that accepts planes from Oslo, London, Stockholm, Murmansk and many other cities. For such a small town routes more than enough.
Flights Oslo - Tromso go 9-10 times a day organized by the airlines SAS and Norwegian.
The average cost of flights from Oslo to tromsø from 90 EUR, estimated flight time 1 h 55 min
If you decide to go by car, major highways are coming from three directions: from the South of Norway, from Finland and from Sweden.

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From February to April you can catch good specimens of cod: 12-20 kg
In April-may time catfish, the largest specimen was over 7 kg.
From July to September was with halibut, the size ranged from 7 kg and above. The biggest halibut caught 90 kg at the end of September, right near the base.
From other species of fish, you can always count on a perch, Minko, Pollock, mackerel.


It offers 5 new apartments on the seafront, overlooking tromsø. Each apartment is designed for 4 people consists of two bedrooms, a living room, a shower,a toilet, a fully equipped kitchen for self catering (stove, microwave, refrigerator, coffee maker, kettle, dishwasher, crockery). TV, Internet.
At the same time the system can take 20 people.
On-site sauna, freezer for storing fish, grill, grill house, oil lamp.
Meals are not included in the price. Breakfast 100 CZK / person. On the basis of you can buy provisions and prepare your own Breakfast or dinner in your apartment or can provide you with ready-made meals, upon prior reservation.


Длина: 5,75 метра. Ширина: 2,12 метра
Устойчивая и надежная для моря
Мотор: 50 л.с. Картплоттер.
The cost of the fishing package for 4 people for 7 days including privaye and the boat is 1950 euros.

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