Russian base located in the small fishing village Gjesvaer, with a population of 150 people on the island of Mageroya, in the far North of Norway, 30 km from the North Cape. Despite the small population, the village has a decent small shop where you can buy all the necessary things, even vegetables and fruits (only works on weekdays from 10 to 16). There is also a small restaurant
The base is open from April 1 to the beginning of the migration of scree and closes in late October.
District Gjesvaer is considered the fish in the province of Finnmark from the time of the Vikings. Now the catch here exceed all expectations. Almost none of the groups of tourists, fishermen remains no bites halibut (except that the storm hurt), and hauls, consisting of cod, catfish, haddock, coalfish, red perch, you can, if desired, to achieve one hundred pounds. The island is located in the path of the spawning migration of scree. Fish here is really a lot to look for it Parking is not difficult "classic" rock slopes and banks are located within a 15-20 minute boat ride. Statistics of fishing in these places is great - catches a large percentage of trophy size fish - cod 15 kg and sides for a tenner. Often catches catfish, red snapper. In summer and autumn (in September), halibut are biting well.
An hour walk from the base of a chain of 6 lakes where you can fish for char and trout and prepare your catch on the grill. (you must purchase a license for about 9 Euro/day).
Bay, on the shore of which the village is completely hidden from waves and wind, Islands, ridges and mountains.
Access to the sea is simple and easy to remember. The "great water" (Svalov, to a depth of 100-120 m) during 20-25 minutes. From the point of view of fishing the location of the base perfectly.
The harsh Arctic climate, you need to be ready for a sudden incoming winds and strong excitement on the water.
How to get thereHow to get there
Plus the island is that in order to get to it no need to use ferry. The island is connected to the mainland by an 8 km toneles. Can be reached by plane through the airports Viola, Honningsvag, Lakselv. And at the airport to rent a car or book-based transfer.

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Since the end of January here begins the industrial fishing of Arctic cod spawning – screa.
Since the end of March and in April, the shoals of cod come into the fjords. The sea is seething with fish. It's time for fans screa. The weather during this period is changeable. Storm and calm alternate with each other. This time the most desperate and reckless anglers.
From may to August is stable-ideal for fishing weather with the amazing midnight sun in which you can fish around the clock. Summer is perfect for fans of trophy fishing. A variety of fishing: cod, saithe, haddock, redfish, catfish and very big chances for trophy halibut. From June to September, you can put krabolovy to catch king (Kamchatka) crab. About the middle of July crab claws almost complete.


Three-storey mini-hotel located on the shore of a picturesque Bay close to the pier, where there are boats and boats, the hotel has four double suites and one five-seater.
Apartment No. 1 for 2 persons: bedroom with 2 beds, living room and mini kitchen, bathroom
Apartment No. 2 consists of 2 bedrooms (2 and 3 beds), large fully equipped kitchen, toilet, shower, large living room with a dining table, a sofa that can be turned into a bed, TV.
Bedroom 3 is an addition to any of the apartment hotels. It accommodates 2 1 persons.
Apartment No. 4 -the largest apartment in the house. One bedroom with two single beds, a fully equipped kitchen and a bathroom with shower.
Apartment No. 5 is located on the ground floor. Consist of one room with two single beds and a fully equipped kitchen. Shower and toilet are in the common area with a pool table.
Additional amenities include: availability of recreation room with a pool table, washing machine, place for grilling and Smoking fish, in the annexe room for drying clothes, and a sauna.
Distance to:
shop: 50 meters
berth: 10 m

Fishing house 80 metres from the pier, total area: 92 sq m, 2 floors
On the ground floor a living room with sofa (can place to stay 2 person), TV with 120 Russian channels, Internet, large dining table, a kitchen with necessary equipment (refrigerator, freezer, microwave, coffee maker, toaster, dishwasher), Bathroom with shower.
Large terrace especially for evening gatherings Under the terrace there is a separate freezer for fish freezing.
On the second floor there are 3 bedrooms: in the first -3 beds, one with 2 beds, a sofa for 1-2 people (only 6 places to sleep).
Barbecue, smokehouse outside

Guest house for 3 people with sea views, situated 2 minutes from the hotel, 2 minutes from the pier and fish scalers.
The house appears small, but includes a spacious room, a bedroom for 3 persons, a bathroom and a mini kitchen.


Quicksilver 640 Pilothouse features excellent performance and convenience for fishing in Norway.
Large and comfortable, has a compartment for storage, the boat giving the preferences of our regular guests. The convenient location of seats, cushions, navigation system, built-in holders for fishing rods, powerful motor...
High sides provide additional safety. .Overall length of 6.52 m, overall Width of 2.54 m, Motor MERCURY 115 HP, Chartplotter and Fishfinder, life jackets
For a maximum of 5 people.
Arvor 215 has excellent performance and convenience for fishing. Large and comfortable, has a compartment for storing things. The convenient location of seats, cushions, navigation system, built-in holders for fishing rods. High sides provide additional safety. The diesel motor MERCURY 100 l / s overall Length of 6.88 m overall Width of 2.54 m. Chartplotter and Fishfinder. Life vests.
For maximum 4 persons.
555 COMMANDER has excellent performance and convenience for fishing 4 people.Large and comfortable, has a cabin for storage and recreation, the boat giving the preferences of our regular guests. The convenient location of seats, cushions, navigation system, built-in holders for fishing rods, powerful motor.Motor MERCURY 80 HP overall Length of 5.55 m overall Width 2.3 m Chartplotter and Fishfinder.Life vests.
Quicksilver 620 Pilothouse
620 Pilothouse has a special place in the line of boats due to the excellent technical characteristics and many other advantages. High sides and anti-skid deck surface provides additional safety. Motor MERCURY 100 l/s overall Length 6,20 m Width overall 2.5 m. Chartplotter and Fishfinder. Life jackets
For maximum 4 persons.
Arvor 230
Six boats with an engine of 150 HP Cummings MerCruiser 2.0 l, diesel. For groups up to 6 people.
Electronic devices: Lowrance HDS 7 touch and combi radar, sonar, WHF, AIS tracking system, defroster.
Standard equipment: holders for fishing, fish boxes, a tank for baths, boat hook, life jackets.
PROZHIVANIIA 1 DAY (min 7 days package)
Fishing house for 4 persons (7 days) 250€
Fishing house for 5 people (7days) 280€
Fishing house for 6 persons (7days) 280€
Fishing house for 6 2 persons (7 days) 300€
Fishing hotel apartment No. 1 for 2 people 170€
Fishing hotel apartment 2 for 5 people 270€
Fishing hotel apartment No. 4 for 2 people 230€
Fishing hotel bedroom # 3 for 3 guests 130€
Fishing hotel the entire property of 5 bedrooms (14 people) 50€/person
Guest house for 2 people 150€
A guest cottage for 3 people 180€

Model boats Technical
Price per day, EUR
Arvor 230 8,5x2,54 m, 220 disel, cab on request
Pilothouse620 6,2x2,50 m, 100 HP, with cab 170€
Pilothouse640 6,4x2,54 m, 115 HP, cab 180€
Commander555 5,50x2,20 m, 80 HP, outdoor 150€
Arvor215 6,88x2,54 m, 85 HP, with cab 190€

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