Hunting for maral in Kazakhstan

Currently, Kazakhstan is home to the largest species of deer that live in natural conditions.
Horns can reach 20 kg. Hunting is at an altitude of 2000-2500 m above sea level. Requires good physical shape for movement in mountainous and forest areas. Riding skills will be very useful, possible 2-3 nights in the mountains in tent camps.
Distance shot of 200 -300 metres.
Recommended weapons; 300 Win. Mag., WSM, 7 Rem Mag., 30-06, 8×68 S 300 Rem Ultra Mag
Hunting tour lasts 12 days, including 10 days hunting.
The number of people in group 2 to 4.
Altitude: 1500-2000 m
The main trophy: maral
Additional trophies (depending on the venue hunting): Siberian ibex, ROE, bear, wolf, wild boar
Transfer to the hunting grounds can be arranged directly from the airport or at the client's request, can be booked in the hotels of Almaty or Chimkent. Base camp in the hunting grounds is a comfortable hunting lodges, where hunters on horseback or off-road vehicles perform radial hunting outputs. The duration and conditions of ibex hunting in different regions are not the same. In some lands it is possible for every night to come back to base camp in some hunting expedition, during which we have to sleep in a tent fly-camps can take up to a week. Offer European and national cuisine. After extraction of the main trophy, the hunter can hunt for deer, wolf, Himalayan snow cock, partridge, fishing in a mountain river or take a tour of the sights of the National parks.

  • Hunting Dardamty (Almaty province, Uigur district, 270 km from Almaty) is located on the slopes Kamenskogo ridge among the Northern spurs of the Tian Shan. The hunting area covers 20 000 hectares and covers the foothills, mixed forest, Alpine fir zone and the Alpine meadows. On-site land located comfortable hotel in the form of a log cabin with a bath. The main direction Dardamty is hunting for deer. However, there are trophies associated with local populations of ibex, and wolves.
  • Hunting farm "Sarymsakty", located on the territory Almaatinskoe region, at a distance of 650 km from Almaty, near lake Alakol and the national Park "Jungar Alatau". The unique natural conditions of the territory – the favorable climate and the considerable aesthetic appeal of the mountain landscape are complemented by the richness and diversity of the plant world, especially the picturesque pine forests and a considerable number of species of animals that live in the region.
  • Hunting ", Tastau" covers an area of 36 851 hectares in the mountains of Dzungarian Alatau, which by the nature of nature occupy an intermediate position between the Tien Shan mountains, is a typical Central Asian mountain systems, mountains of southern Siberia. However, Dzhungarskiy Alatau belongs to the mountain system of the Tien-Shan. "Testou" — a unique hunting territory, which was extracted records included in the SCI trophy book. Due to the fact that the land is adjacent to the strip of border control, the disturbance of wild fauna is minimal. There are no livestock and the shepherds, not the poachers prowl — this area is used exclusively for trophy hunting. In addition, the "Testow" — the only place in the world where possible Combi-hunt for maral and ibex trophies of 13 kg and 120 cm, respectively. The camp can accommodate up to 4 people
  • Hunting farm "Belzec" is located in the Eastern Kazakhstan on the territory of the Kurchum district, 600 kilometers from Ust-Kamenogorsk and connected with it by a highway or road. The nature of the district varied from the scorching deserts to the Zaisan mountain range of Alatau, taiga forests with the eternal snows on the mountain tops. On the one hand, plains, scorched by the sun, on the other – the mountains, the untouched taiga bear, leopard, maral and sable.
  • The Ile-Alatau natural Park created by decree of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan on 22 February 1996. The Park is located on the Northern slopes of TRANS-ili Alatau 50km. from the southern capital — Almaty. Comfortable cottages and yurts are available for accommodation. The rooms are electrified, house bath. The price includes three meals a day. Transport: jeeps, horses
The program of the tour:
Day 1: meeting in airport, transfer to camp , vacation, zeroing weapons, preparing for the hunt.
Days 2 - 11: hunting.
Day 12: completion of the hunt transfer to the airport.
The climate is continental, the temperature fluctuates from a negative night, up to 200C in the afternoon.
How to get thereHow to get there
Option 1. from 8 to 14 hours by car to the base camp depending on hunting location.
Option 2. 2.5 hours by means of small aircraft (an-2) to Osella, 70 km by car to the base camp
Wolf, Boar, Capricorn, ROE, Bear, Deer.

High season

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12 days tour, 10 days of hunting
The price for the service– from 4300 to 5700 € (depending on venue hunting)
The price of the trophy - 2300 €

- Permission for the import and export of weapons – 365 €
- Preparation of trophy for dispatch 530 € (Packing, international vet. certificate, Chapter 6, etc.)
- Additional trophies:
- Trophy deer – 4500€
- The Capricorn Trophy – 2500€
- Trophy Deer - 1000 €

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