Fishing on the island of Robinson

30 years ago, Roy - the son of a rancher, musician, hunter for crocodiles, fisherman and Anna Explorer of sunken ships, Potter, bachelor of science, discovered the uninhabited island on the Great Barrier Reef. Six years in solitude, they built their own Paradise. Today, this small Lodge host 12 guests, amazing no less than the island itself, with its bright tropical greenery, pristine rivers and waterfalls, endless ocean with white sand beaches. Far from civilization, not people visiting the coral reef here is pristine and teeming with marine life. You try fishing on the reef and river mouths, underwater hunting, ponimaete for lobsters and swim with sea turtles.
All the food that will be offered to You or a swarm caught and collected in the gardens of the island.On the menu are papaya, bananas, grapefruits, etc. freshly picked fruit, muesli of toasted coconut. Depending on the catch of the day, lunch may be of oysters steamed in the shell with sliced ginger and lemon grass or squid salad sharpened with lime juice, chilli and coriander, crayfish and lobster, grilled coral trout, Emperor steamed with herbs, sesame oil and ginger, lungfish in different types.

The island has a tropical climate 18 °- 30 ° C. Best time from April to November, when temperatures are high and humidity is low. The rainy season is from December to March.
How to get thereHow to get there
Flights to Kiev – Cairns with two changes (journey time-25-30 hours). The cost is about$ 2000 per ticket in economy class. From Cairns on a six-seater plane to the island of Hicks (journey time – 2 hours) the cost of flights from 415$ per person, and from there another 20 minutes by speedboat.

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Lagoon Hut. Hut for four people, located in the North-Eastern side of the island a few steps from the water with views of the large lagoon and the coral sea. Raised above ground level and open on all sides, it is free blown with the cool sea breeze.

Kwila Hut. Wooden Bungalow for four persons, with excellent sea views decorated with an amazing collection of new Guinea artifacts

Beach Hut. Located directly on the beach and a short distance from the main complex surrounded by coconut palms. If You like to fall asleep to the sound of the surf and Wake up to birds singing with the sunrise this Bungalow is for You.

House Mawu. A new house, the largest and most luxurious of all residential premises on the island. Located on a hillside overlooking the large lagoon. There are two double bedrooms, two bathrooms with light, open plan living room and fireplace, a library and a loft with two single beds. The house is designed for 6 people.

The main house was the first building on the island. He's gorgeous, is located in the centre of the island and it houses a library, a bar, fireplace, wine cellar, living room, dining room , 2 bathrooms, a loft, an observation deck, open kitchen and wireless Internet access.
Breakfast and dinner in the main pavilion, and lunch usually were on the boat.
In the evening a fire is lit and guests can enjoy chilled wine, which is served until dinner.



A 40-foot boat with two jet engines with a capacity of 700 l/s with a shallow draft, allowing to go into the shallow reefs and river island