Fishing Base "Mayak"

Traveler and scientist A. M. Nikolsky describes what he had seen the river Delta Or: "... After 8 versts from the village, we approached the reeds, a broad band bordering the southern shore of lake Balkhash to log Cheat-Bakanas. From the top of a sandy hill a sea of green presented to the eyes of the observer. Far away to the horizon on the South and East stretches the boundless thicket of the reeds. Its dark foliage with a dull noise, like the sea, is worried with a strong gust of wind. Sometimes see large sand hills and the shiny smooth surface of small lakes that serve as the hangout ducks, coots and great crested grebes. ..."
On one of these sandy hills, seen by the traveller among the boundless sea of reeds, lakes and canals of the Delta, lies the base of "the lighthouse". It is difficult to imagine what the labor was worth it all to bring to the island in boats and to build as many permanent structures on different Islands, the dunes, connected by picturesque bridges, which are leaking transparent ducts with numerous its inhabitants.
The whole territory of the base are paved with wooden walkways and bridges are equipped with a shower with hot water, electricity, air conditioning and European style furniture.
The climate is sharply continental. Average maximum July temperature is around 30 °C, in January is around -9 °C. Precipitation falls on the average 131 mm per year. The relative humidity is 55 — 60 %
How to get thereHow to get there
1. From Almaty by car 350km pier village Costumes, where leaving the car in a guarded Parking lot (300m from the pier), on a 2.5 hour boat ride to the base. The cost of boat transfer from 60$ per person.
2. From Almaty by car 380 to the village of Karaoy and continue for a full 50km the road to the pier. Here, You'll take a boat base and after 10 minutes You're there.
3. You can order a transfer from Almaty (car, helicopter, airplane) for Your choice

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The fishing season on the basis of don't stop all year round. The fishing season in open water usually ends by the end of October, and after the appearance of stable ice begins absorbing winter fishing. The spawning period of the ban from mid-April until early June.


  • Four new houses for 2-4 fishermen. Each house has one room with two beds and two chair-beds.
  • Two log for 8 and 6 fishermen each in two rooms
  • A large log house with 7 rooms.
  • Restaurant-club
  • Bath on firewood, which serves taiga tea with Altai honey.

Для комфортного проживания рыбаков на базе

  • четыре новых финских дома для 2-4 рыбаков. В каждом доме по одной комнате с двумя кроватями и двумя кресло-кроватями.
  • два сруба для 8 и 6 рыбаков в каждом по две комнаты.
  • большой сруб на 7 номеров.
  • ресторан-клуб и прекрасная баня на дровах, где подается таежный чай с алтайским медом.


Boats base "Mayak"
  • 5 piece, "Catboat 42", engines Yamaha 9,9, length 3M, width 1.3 m, capacity: 3чел.
  • 7 piece Austrian 6-foot flat-bottomed boats WolfCraft equipped with powerful engines Yamaha 30 and 40 l/s.
  • 2 boats "Catboat 47" with the motors at 30 and 60 l/s.
  • Aerology “Piranha”
The price on the basis of one person with all-inclusive (all meals, guide, boat, 20L.gasoline, portable refrigerator, lift net and fish tank) $150 per day.