Fishing on the river Shiskid | Megatour

A fishing camp on the river Chisod

The record of the past season the trout with a length of 246 cm!
Technique used:
1. fly fishing
2. spinning
The tour consists of two parts.
1. Fishing with accommodation in the main camp
2. Moving on horseback and raft in remote areas where the best places to catch trophy trout and Lenka.
Mongolia has a temperate continental climate characterized by large seasonal and daily amplitude of temperature
How to get thereHow to get there
In Ulaanbaatar You will be met and transplanted to the local aviras to the town of mörön. From there, transfer by jeep to the camp (travel time 8-10h)
Goldilocks, Trout, Grayling, Pike.

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The season legally opens on June 15 and ends on 1 November. Mid-June coincides with the end of spawning trout when he starts to eat actively and aggressively takes any bait. In late July, usually a trip to Mongolia would not recommend, high risk of heavy rains and rise of water (at high water a chance to take trout is greatly reduced). Autumn comes early in this part of Mongolia. The fall season begins in August and continues until September. This is the time when Mongolia is preparing for the winter, and the fish are eaten off. This is the best season for fishing, although the weather can sometimes deteriorate and the night temperature drops below zero. The season in this area ends at the end of September.


Placement in isolated log cabins with a dining room, lounge and shower with warm water and excellent food.


Inflatable rafts
On timenever rivers of Mongolia banned the use of outboard motors
The duration of the fishing trip 14 days

Price: 2750$ person
Included everything except international flights, nights in Ulaanbaatar, nights in mörön(if necessary) and alcohol
DOP. costs can be about$100 per person