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Fishing on the Peninsula of Yamal

Yamal – protected area in Western Siberia, whose name in translation from Mansi language means "land's end". This Northern region, where nature has retained its original appearance, and the indigenous peoples for centuries living traditional crafts of fishing, hunting, reindeer herding. Yamal for centuries been considered the fishing edge. It is rightly called "delicatessen shop of Russia". Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous region has unique fish resources. The total area of waters of the Yamal Peninsula is 727, 0 thousand square kilometres. About 70% of the entire population of coregonines Russia lives in the rivers and lakes of the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous district.
The main trophy: white salmon - one of the largest representatives of the genus Coregonus. Length to 1.5 m, and weight up to 50 kg. on the average are more common in individuals of 5-10 kg
Additional trophies: whitefish, whitefish, Northern pike (average weight of 5-8 kg were catches to 15лг.), perch, burbot, IDE.
Fishing is conducted at four sites of the river from the shore or boat depending on water level.
Tackle for fishing – spinning
Equipment - spoons and turntables silver tones, reminiscent of the vendace and smelt, silicone white stripes (best-proven Twister size 15-20cm), equipped with tiggeloven 10-25 gr. Very successfully used the spoon Kastmaster (20-35 grams)

Venue tour – the river Ob, near the village of Aksarka.
The climate of the Yamal Peninsula is distinguished by harsh, long winters and short cool summers, high winds, low clouds, few Sunny days, deep freezing of the soil.
How to get thereHow to get there
From Salekhard, transfer by car to the village of Aksarka (journey time about one hour) and then by boat to camp (travel time 1-1,15 h.)

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White salmon


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