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Fishing in Putorana Plateau. River Herbacin.

In the southern part of the Taimyr Peninsula in the Arctic circle is the northernmost mountain basalt plateau of Putorana mountains, which are preserved as rare in our time, the area of pristine nature. The only means of transportation - helicopter, rare people - the Nenets, the nomadic herds of deer. At the same time, this area is located not so far from Central Russia.
Fishing here is fantastic. Grayling, lenok, but our main goal is trout.
The biggest instance caught on Herbicide in rounds, weighed about 24.5 kg, but this is not the limit.

River Herbacin located in the southern foothills of the Putorana Plateau originates in the eponymous lake, flows into the Khantaika reservoir. The length of the entire river about 140 km, including 12 km of the lake. Lake with a depth of 3-4 meters, rich aquatic vegetation, Northern pike, perch, whitefish, and ducks.
In the sailing directions of river marked about 90 obstacles, mostly nut 2 category of complexity. In the upper part of the river (the first 2 days of rafting from the lake) many small shiver and rifts, where you have to carefully choose the line of motion, not to sit on stones. Then there are the nut 2-3 complexity that does not require intelligence.
There are 3 nominal threshold, depending on the water level have a category of 3.5-4 and require inspection and insurance: upper falls - drain drop of 2 meters deep timenow pit below the drain. A trough canyon section of the river approximately 1 km in length with a number of spouts and problemname the stones in the riverbed. Lower falls - the sink with a drop of 2.5 meters with good catches, where does the trout.
The river is literally teeming with grayling, the average weight of 0.8-0.9 kg. During our first trip, we conducted the following experiment: one of the fishermen had 9 casts Mepps No. 2 from one place. Eight of them were brought to grayling and only 9 were single. About the same performance is obtained when fishing on the lakes Galina, only instead of a grayling takes a large Chernozemny perch and pike.
The performance of the trout looks like this: a group of 5-6 fishermen in 6 days on the river catches of salmon trout 28-36. The average weight of 5-8 kg. Record of river – trout, weighing about 30 kg. In 2002 he was caught in the pit at the top of the waterfall, they drew to shore, and I missed it when photographing. Apparently this is a permanent inhabitant of the pit trout Tikhon. The first time he was caught in 1996, weighing 24.5 kg and released. In subsequent years he several times caught our fishermen, but broke off tackle and broken rods.
The river is very picturesque, especially in the area of 70-80 thresholds, there is a rock where ancient shellfish. Many ducks, meet the reindeer, anyone can take a gun.
We usually landed at the top of the waterfall, raft, and fish 2-3 days prior to the stream flowing out of lakes Galina, there are doing a day's rest and a Hiking bath. Fishermen and hunters rise 2-3 km to the lakes, catch there pound for perch, pike, shoot the ducks. Further, the alloy continues for 1-2 days and ends at the weather station Gorbushin, where the band soared a good bath, spend the night and the next day flies by helicopter to Igarka.


Meeting at the airport of Moscow. Flight Moscow – Krasnoyarsk. Arrival to Krasnoyarsk in the morning. Flights to Igarka.
Day 1 – Flight to the upper reaches of the river Gorbushin (approximate flight time 1.15 minutes) the area tributary to Khatar. Preparations for the route, fishing.
Day 2 – Breakfast. Fishing and rafting on the river Gorbushin (journey time about 5 hours (25 – 30 km) on the way a small shiver and rifts). Parking in the center of the group of small lakes, tributaries Horyn. Radial hike to the lakes. Dinner.
Day 3 – Breakfast. Fishing and rafting on the river Gorbushin (journey time about 6 hours (30 – 35 km) car Park at the brook Nekochi. Dinner.
4 day – Breakfast. Fishing and rafting on the river Gorbushin (journey time about 5 hours (25 – 30 km) on the way the ripples, shiver and clamps, run out the threshold with a waterfall drain No. 14 (upper falls). Parking on the doorstep (near the influx of the Island). Dinner.
Day 5 – day stay. Fishing and radial access to a small waterfalls. Hiking bath.
Day 6 – Breakfast. Fishing and rafting on the river Gorbushin (journey time about 6 hours (30 – 35 km) the area tributary to the output). Dinner.
Day 7 - Breakfast. Fishing and rafting on the river Gorbushin (journey time about 4 hours, passing local thresholds (20 km) the lake district Galina). A slipway.
Day 8 - Breakfast. Fishing and rafting on the river Gorbushin (journey time about 6 hours (30 – 35 km) Dinner.
Day 9. Flights to Igarka. Flights to Krasnoyarsk.Transfer to the hotel.
Day 10. Departure to Moscow early in the morning.

Provided equipment:

A 16-foot rafts with frames, and hinged oars, life jackets, drayage (germophobe) volume 120 litres for personal items every fisherman, double tent for 2 persons, sleeping bags, sleeping mats, campfire and cooking equipment, cookware, medical-kit, satellite phone for emergency communications, VHF radios for communication between the rafts, GPS, maps, route scale 2 km in 1 cm
Recommended personal equipment and clothing
Fishing Romper (viders), waterproof jacket, wool sports suit for alloy (will be wet), sporting suit for the beach (preferably with tight cuffs at the wrists and ankles), boots, or sneakers, hat afganka mosquito net, mosquito repellent containing at least 30% of N. N. Toluamide, personal medicine, taiga-hunting knife (preferably with documents to be carried in the aircraft), photo-video camera in nesminaemoy packages of personal hygiene items.
Recommended fishing equipment
1. Spinning with a spinning reel and fishing line 0.3-0.35 mm. For fishing grayling, lenok, pike and perch under the weight of the spinner 15-25 grams.
2. Spinning with a spinning reel and fishing line 0,4-0,45 mm or braided line 0,18-0,25. For sea trout under the weight of the spinner 25-40 grams. This rod should be very stiff, because the trout are very thick lips that are hard to penetrate with the hook at the strike.
3. Spinners for grayling, a small lenok, pike, trout white and yellow wersalki weighing 10-15 grams. Spinners for large lenok, pike, trout – mostly white spoons weighing 20-40 grams.

Conventional the southern boundary of the Putorana plateau is the Arctic circle, so the area is harsh, sharply continental climate,
How to get thereHow to get there
Meeting at the airport of Moscow. Flight Moscow – Krasnoyarsk. Arrival to Krasnoyarsk in the morning. Flights to Igarka.

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A 16-foot rafts with frames and wing paddles
On a visit to Norilsk, Norilsk requires permission of the Department of internal Affairs on a visit to Norilsk. Obtaining a permit costs $200 per person. The documents are submitted 60 days prior to travel.

Payment terms: Booking a tour and payment of 50% is payable 6 months prior to the start of the tour.
The cost of the tour for groups up to 8 people is 25 000$
The price includes:
the helicopter MI-8T on the way back
providing rafting (3 rafts) and camp equipment, meals on the route, insurance, transfer, registration in the PPP (search and rescue) of EMERCOM in Krasnoyarsk Krai, satellite phone, VHF communication on the river, accompanied by three guides, accommodation in Krasnoyarsk.
Not included: air flight Moscow - Krasnoyarsk-Igarka and back, food, alcohol. Fishing gear and accessories