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Fishing in the Krasnoyarsk region

Among all regions of Russia none attracts anglers, as the vast Siberia, from its many rivers deserves special attention Yenisei River Yenisei and its tributaries, which are full of different species of fish: trout, brown trout, Arctic char and lake salmon, sturgeon, sterlet, pike, grayling, etc. Almost all the territory not touched by industrial development. The basis of local production are reindeer herding, fishing and hunting. According to the scientists, the region is the most ecologically clean in Russia, and possibly in the world. On the Yenisei, of course, go for the trout, which, despite the increased in recent years, fishing pressure, still a lot - just need to know where, when and what to catch. Almost all routes pass through the rivers, reachable only by helicopter
We offer You assistance in arranging a fishing tour to the most remote rivers such as the North, Pathania, Dry Tunguska, Vorokovka and many others.
Duration - 7 days.
The beginning of the rafting on the river North of g Turukhansk.
Number of participants — 4 to 6 people;
Day 1 — Meeting at the airport in Turukhansk transfer to the pier by car (10 - 15 minutes), change to the airbag and go to the base (roughly 5 hours);
Day 2 - Fishing, the threshold Oblique river North. Fishing, estuary Delinda;
Day 3 - 6 days - Fishing, and R. North, the mouth of the river Pashkyne, "three streams,"the threshold of the Big island.
Day 7 - transfer recreation - the airport in Turukhansk
The beginning of the rafting on the river Volavka zotina from the village.
1 day - Meeting in S. zotina.You can get on a fast passenger boat from Yeniseisk. (Travel time 9 hours), transfer to the boat, departure to the place of beginning of the route, setting up camp, fishing.
2 — 6 days rafting with fishing on boats with stops at the overnight huts, fishing.( go up on small tributaries of the river)
Day 7 - return in the evening to the village of Vorogovo, bath after fishing, dinner and overnight. Departure to Krasnoyarsk.
Recommended equipment: spinning, fly fishing, rod, waders or bog
Lures: the lures (up to 3 meters depth, various colors and sizes) - the spinners (preferably rotating), flies (gray or dark colors).
Attention! Maximum weight of equipment per participant of no more than 20 kg.
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Сезон рыбалки: июнь - до конца сентября. 


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The cost of tours 1500 - 2000$ per person, excluding flights and helicopter drop

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