Hunting for Dagestan Tur

Hunting area: Ismaillinsky district
Number of hunters: 1 – 5
Duration of hunting: 5 days
The main trophy: the Dagestan Tur (Caucasian)
Related trophies: bear, Caucasian chamois, ROE deer, wild boar.

Hunting tour of the hunter requires serious physical training and endurance. Hunting is carried out with the approach or a rounding at altitudes of over 3,000 meters. The use of horses directly for hunting is limited because of the difficulties of the terrain. For detection of tours and recognition trophy characteristics of the used telescope. You can shoot at a distance of 300 – 400 meters often at a steep angle up or down.
Recommended weapon: 7 mm Remington Magnum, 300 Win. Mag., 300 Weath. Mag
June–August: day 25 - 35 ° C; at night 5 10 º C, are frequent rains and fogs, September: in the afternoon 15 20 ° C; night 0 5 ° C chance of snow and rain, Oct: day 10 15 º C; the night there is frost down to -10 ºC.
How to get thereHow to get there
From Baku by jeep 4 hours with a stop for lunch. Further 20km (3 hours) to the base camp on the mountain roads and rivers on cars KAMAZ or GAZ-66. The organization of getting into the camp by helicopter (price on request)
Caucasian Tur.

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High season

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Caucasian Tur
Hunting season: April-November. Best time June-September, at this time, the beast still holds at low altitudes near the border with forest area. Firing range about 150m. In October, the tour goes up to the mountains, search the trophy becomes more time-consuming, the firing range at that time 300-400m.If a hunter is important to the quality of the skins trophy, the best period is September – October. At this time tours are already changing the skin on the winter, with a thick undercoat


Размещение в базовом лагере в охотничьем доме на высоте 3000 м., во время охоты при необходимости дальних отходов от базового лагеря и ночлегов вне него, обустраиваются палаточные лагеря.


The cost of hunting subject to one of the trophy:
1 hunter: 7900 €
Not a hunter: 1500 €

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