Hunting ibex in Kazakhstan

For fans of mountain hunting, the Siberian Capricorn is one of the most honorable trophies and hunting for them is the most popular in Kazakhstan. The goat population living from the Pamirs to the Altai Mountains in southern Kazakhstan is considered one of the largest in the world. Animals can weigh up to 120 kg, with horns up to 150 cm in length.  Transfer to the hunting grounds can be organized directly from the airport, or at the request of the client, a room can be booked in hotels in Almaty or Chimkent. Base camps in the hunting grounds are comfortable hunting lodges, from where hunters on horses or off-road vehicles make radial hunting trips. The duration and conditions of goat hunting are not the same in different regions. In some areas it is possible to return to the base camp every night, in some areas a hunting expedition, during which you have to spend the night in tent fly-camps, can take a week. European and national cuisine is offered. After taking the main trophy, the hunter can hunt roe deer, wolf, eland, puffins, fish in a mountain river or book a sightseeing tour of the National Parks. The hunter must be in good physical shape and able to move in the mountain-forest zone. Riding skills make hunting much easier.
Group size: 2 to 4 people.
Altitude 1500 - 3500 m
Shooting distance 200-300m
Recommended weapons: 300 Win Mag, WSM, 7 Rem Mag, 270 Win Mag, WSM, 300 Weath. Mag., 300 Rem.Ultra Ma
Main trophy: Central Asian (Tien Shan), goat and Altai (Siberian), mountain goat.
Additional trophies (depending on the place of hunting): maral, roe deer, bear, wolf, wild boar
Hunting farms:
  • Hunting farm   «Tastau» occupies an area of 36,851 hectares, in the mountains of Dzungarian Alatau, which by nature character occupy an intermediate position between the Tien Shan, a typical Central Asian mountain system, and the mountains of southern Siberia. Nevertheless, Dzungarian Alatau belongs to the Tien-Shan mountain system. «Tastau» — is a unique hunting area, where records included in the SCI trophy book have been obtained. There are no cattle and shepherds, no poachers — this area is used exclusively for trophy hunting. Besides, «Tastau» — is the only place in the world where combined hunting for red deer and goat with trophies from 13 kg and 120 cm respectively is possible. The camp can accommodate up to 4 people
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  • Hunting farm Zhasylkol is located on the territory of Almaty region, at a distance of 650 km from Almaty, near Lake Alakol and the national park «Dzungarian Alatau». The unique natural conditions of the territory - favorable climate and significant aesthetic appeal of the mountain landscape are complemented by the richness and diversity of flora, especially picturesque pine forests and a significant number of animal species inhabiting the region.
The tour price includes:
  • Hunting permit
  • Border Zone Permit
  • Meeting/farewell and customs control at Almaty airport
  • Transfer: Almaty airport - base camp (in Almaty region) - Almaty airport
  • Three meals a day, sauna, accommodation
  • Provision of transportation in the places of hunting
  • Guide services
  • Interpreter services
  • Primary handling of trophies
  • Gun inspection
Tour price does not include:
  • Air flight to Almaty
  • Migration registration
  • Transportation of the client to the base camp by helicopter (price on request)
  • Hotel accommodation in Almaty
  • Insurance policy for the period of stay in the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • Cultural program
  • Alcoholic drinks
The climate in the country is sharply continental. The average temperature, depending on the region, ranges from -190C — -350C in January to +250C — +350C in July.
How to get thereHow to get there
Option 1. from 8 to 14 hours by car to the base camp depending on hunting location.
Option 2. 2.5 hours by means of small aircraft (an-2) to Osella, 70 km by car to the base camp
Wolf, Boar, Capricorn, ROE, Bear, Deer.

High season

Capricorn Jan Jul
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Jun Dec
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7 days hunting tour (5 hunting days + 2 days for traveling)
Service price - 4500 €
Trophy goat up to 115 cm - 2600 €
Trophy goat 115,1-120 cm - 3250 €
Trophy goat 120,1-125 cm - 3900 €
Trophy goat 125,1-130 cm - 4550 €
Trophy goat 130,1-135 cm - 5200 €
Trophy goat 135,1-140 cm - 5850 €
Trophy goat over 140,1 cm - 7150 €
Permit for import and export of weapons - 400 €
Preparation of the trophy for transportation - 380 €
Additional maral deer - 10000 €
Additional goat - 6500 €
Additional wild boar - 1200 €
Additional wolf - 1500 €

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