Fishing on the Rio Mare

The river Rio Mare, born in the North - Western corner of the Brazilian Amazon, near the border with Colombia, a tributary of the upper Rio Negro. Pool Rio Mare because of the tremendous populations of large peacock bass, the locals call Rio de Gigantes.

Covered by fishing district, an area of about 2 million hectares, includes more than 800km. rivers, and many creeks and lagoons from the headwaters to the confluence with the Rio Negro. Only 0.5% of this area is developed is protected by the law of the territory, has the status of a cultural heritage of Brazil. Fishing pressure on the river there is practically no commercial fishing on the Rio Mare is allowed only one company that we represent.

This unique and extensive waters of the Rio Mare allows to achieve incomparable flexibility - yacht and anglers can move up or downstream in search of a better water level, where you can find trophy fish.

River basin inhabits more than 450 species of fish and among them 15 species most coveted trophy peacock bass, from the giant spotted bass (up to 12 kg) to the smallest perch - butterfly (to 2 kg). IBAMA official studies showed that the number of peacock bass in the Rio Mare two times more than in other studied rivers. Installed 6 world records fishing for peacock bass.

Techniques of fishing: fly fishing and spinning. The basic equipment welcomed in all parts of the Amazon, is fly fishing. For organizing a tour the fans spinning, it is necessary to agree in advance of the tour, possible dates and fishing areas. The spinning and flyfishing in the same round, never mixed.

The tour program

Program a fishing tour is designed for 7 days (Wednesday to Wednesday)

Tuesday: Arrival in Manaus. Meeting a company representative, transfer to hotel, accommodation in double rooms.

Better to arrive in Manaus a day earlier (on Monday), it will help to protect yourself from possible delays of the airline or lost Luggage in Manaus. You will have to incur the cost of a night in a hotel, but it will eliminate the possibility of problems - there is only one Charter flight a week on the Rio Mare, departing very early. Additionally we give one day in the city.

Wednesday: - after Breakfast at the hotel, the driver will meet the group around 7:00 in the morning and you will be transferred to local airport where you will fly by seaplane Cessna Grand Caravan on the river. Flight duration is approximately 4 hours. The yacht is at anchor and waiting for you. Upon arrival, you are accommodated in the cabin, and then meet on the second floor of yachts in the cosy lounge, where you meet the crew and tour guides and develop with them a daily plan of fishing. On the same day the vehicle starts rafting down the river to the best fishing areas.

Thursday - Tuesday: - every day fishing accompanied by a professional guides (guides are Indians who grew up in the Amazon, well, knowing every inch of the river, the habits of perch and Parking).

A Typical Day:

  • 6:00 - coffee hot;
  • 7:00 - Breakfast;
  • 8:00 - 12:00 - fishing;
  • 12:00 - 13:00 - picnic on the river;
  • 13:00 - after lunch, the fishing is resumed and lasts until the end of the day;
  • 18.00 - return to the yacht, which is moving to a new location;
  • 18:30 - cocktails and appetizers on the covered patio on the upper deck;
  • 20:00 - dinner will be served in the dining area with air conditioning;

Wednesday: after Breakfast a couple of hours to rest and fees the departure from the river by seaplane. On the way, after an hour of flight, the plane stops to refuel and the end of the day You arrive in Manaus. Depending on the scheduled flight plan from Manaus, You get a ride after dinner (we recommend the restaurant Buffalo) or directly to the airport or the hotel if Your departure the following day. In the second case, the driver of the Shuttle will meet you at the hotel, depending on departure time of your flight and transfer you to the international airport.

In the fishing season in this area of Amazonia, the average daily temperature reaches 30-35 ° C. at 80-90% humidity. At night the temperatures drop to a comfortable 19-23 ° C. Despite the fact that this season is called the dry, little rain are not uncommon. Mosquitoes and gnats because of the high concentration of tannin in these waters, not here, but in the period of rise of water can be annoying horseflies attracted salty then.
How to get thereHow to get there
The flight from Rio de Janeiro to Manaus takes 5 hours. Convenient flights to Manaus are also from Miami and Panama. Better to arrive in Manaus a day earlier, this helps to protect yourself from possible delays of the airline or lost Luggage in Manaus and give you a rest day in the city. The next morning the seaplane Cessna Grand Caravan will take You to the river. Flight duration is approximately 4 hours.

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In this region of the Amazon, the fishing season usually lasts from late September to the end of winter. It is the dry season for the basin of the upper Rio Negro, a time when the water is at the lowest level that allows the use of for fishing as the entire river system, and numerous tributaries and lagoons. The key to successful fishing in Amazonia - water level. The lower the water level, the better the fishing, the fish in large quantities focusing on small shoals, at the entrance of the streams and tributaries because of increased competition becomes more aggressive and actively rushes to any bait.


: Unique three-storey yacht, designed and built specifically for this project. On the ground floor is a restricted area for authorized personnel only, and includes a utility room and engine room with two 200 HP engines. There is also a Laundry room, a staff room and water filtration system. The ship has its own sewage treatment plant.
On the second floor, 8 suites - each 18 square meters in size 6 double suites and two single rooms. All cabins are equipped with two single beds with the possibility of converting into a double, air-conditioned, bathroom and storage space and equipment. Floor-to-ceiling panoramic Windows.
The upper level is designed for relaxation. It offers spacious living and dining room, an outdoor lounge serving drinks and snacks. On the same floor, two large outdoor Jacuzzi for 10 people.
• Year built: 2015 • Brazil • port of registry: Manaus, Brazil
• Length: 92 ft / 28 m • beam: 25.6 m / 7.8 m • draft: 4 feet / 1.2 m
• Displacement: 130 tons • Maximum speed: 6 knots • electricity: 110 volts
• Engines: 2 MWM 200 HP
• Generators: 96 German solar panels-generators with 4 solar controllers and inverters,
• Auxiliary generators: 2 x 40 kVA MVM (encapsulated for noise reduction)
Crew: 14 people, including the captain 6 guides and fly fishing instructors, a chef certificate from the international cuisine.
Capacity: up to 16 passenger seats


Fishing boats on the Rio Mare
A 20-foot fishing boats, specifically designed for the Rio Mare, with a four-stroke motors 90 HP and with two casting platforms on each side. Thus two fishermen can fish at the same time without interfering with each other.
Despite the fact that we are trying to predict the best time curiosities tropical weather is such that even in the dry season can go by heavy rains. While rising water and the fish the fish becomes very weak. You must be willing to take the risk.
The cost of the tour according to the program:
Fisher - 7350$
For non-fisherman - 5100$

Charter yacht needed a group of at least 8 people or you will pay for 8 people.
Surcharge for single occupancy (subject to availability of cabins) – 600$
Personal service (includes single accommodation, boat and guide for one of the fisherman) – 12 270$
1. Charter flight Manaus-River-Manaus
2. one night at the hotel Cesar Hotel in Manaus
3. All required program transfers
4. 6 full days of fishing
5. 7 nights of accommodation. All inclusive: accommodation, meals, and beverages (including wine, beer and spirits)
6. Fishing licenses, daily maid service.
Not included
1. Indian tax (fisherman 670$, not the fisherman 480$)
2. International flights
3. Visa
4. Tips
6. Satellite phone calls ($5/min)
7. Food and drink in Manaus
8. Excursions in Manaus (8-hour tour - $120 per person, 4 hour - $60 per person)
9. Extra nights in hotel Manaus
10. Tackle
11. Departure tax

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