Fishing in the Gulf

Bay Pernia is one of the most spacious in the Gulf. Gulf of Finland, though, and is part of the Baltic sea, but due to the large influx of river waters is more similar to a freshwater lake. The latter affects the species composition of fish in the pond, which is more characteristic of inland lakes. The average depth of the waters of the archipelago up to ten meters and the main catch is pike, pike − perch and perch.
Seascapes of the Gulf of Finland enchant and be remembered for a long time. Rocky skerries, Islands with sandy and rocky shores and broad water space between them is the Gulf of Finland. And the landscapes here and the harsh North, and lush, dense vegetation. For the Gulf of Finland a typical shallow bays with dense vegetation, which cut into the mainland. Here the angler will find good places.
In the Gulf there is a lot of good places to pike, where you can catch a huge toothy, weighing more than 10 kg. Excellent spots include shallow bays and offshore waters around the Islands. Worth to try their luck in the Gulf of Pernajanlahti, the Tammisaari archipelago is also famous for catches of large pike.
Good spots for catching Zander sipoo, water district Kirkkonummi-Tammisaari in and around Helsinki. Sea perch are not large, less than one kilogram, but the walleye bite can be great if you find the right place. In winter, Zander walks into a river, for example, in the river of Porvoo, where he caught winter trolling.
Bass are the usual catch of fisherman in the Gulf, its fun and fishing on a hot summer day, and in the winter season. In the late fall perch weighing a pound eagerly grabs the jig the bait on the edges of shallows and Straits with fast flowing.
Spring fly fishing whitefish has become especially popular lately and the fishing begins in March-April immediately after ice melting. The slopes near the bridges with clear water and sandy bottom is the perfect place to catch whitefish. A typical game fish whitefish weighing 500-700 gr. but larger specimens are not uncommon.
Salmon are caught by trolling (track) in the open waters outside the archipelago. Trolling requires in these places, a lot of patience and skill of the angler, but in early summer, and catches of large salmon is excellent.
The climate of the country
How to get thereHow to get there
To Helsinki about 1 hour (75 km), Porvoo - 20 min Golf club 1 km, grocery store and gas station is 18 km away.

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High season

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The fishing season from 15 April to 15 December


Bay Pernod for the accommodation provides a variety of cottages to choose from. Depending on Your requirements we will find that You will surely love.

Pihlaja (195 sqm). Well-equipped Villa has 14 beds, five bedrooms, a casual living room, kitchen, dining room, small living room with fireplace, three toilets and a combined sauna / shower / dressing room. The Villa has two covered and one open terrace with wooden furniture. The Villa is located 80 m from the beach with rowing boats and a swimming pool. From the Windows of the Villa offers a beautiful view of the sea .

The cozy log cabin with an area of 49 m2. The cottage offers a beautiful view on the Gulf of pernau.
Well-equipped cottage has 6 beds, one bedroom, low loft, open kitchen / lounge area with fireplace and a combined toilet / washbasin / sauna. The cottage has a covered and open terrace with outdoor furniture. Next to the cottage road to the beach, swimming pond and boat.

Городской отель Таммисаари *** находится примерно в ста километрах от Хельсинки. Он расположен в самом центре города Таммисаари недалеко от моря. Вы найдете здесь удобное размещение и уютные рестораны.
В отеле имеется 20 омеров, три из которых – номера класса люкс. Из seaside–комнат, в которых есть балконы, – открывается прекрасный вид на парк и на море. Во всех номерах есть туалет, ванная и телевизор.
Отель находится в 100 метрах от песчаного пляжа и городской яхтенной пристани. Всего за несколько минут можно дойти пешком до живописного Старого города. Расстояние до железнодорожного вокзала Таммисаари составляет 900 метров.


Boats with guides
Лодки1900 Lund Tyee used for fishing are managed by professional guide and angler, and these boats have, as a rule, motors of Magsig 150L. and motors MotorGuide Xi5
Fishing boats are also fully equipped with the latest electronics and are of high quality fishing equipment from leading brands (usually Shimano).
The maximum number of fishermen in a boat - 5 people.
Boat rentals
1x buster S, 30 HP Yamaha (1-3 people)
3x Master 471 50 HP Yamaha (1-4pers.)
1x Linder 445 Catch 25 HP Yamaha (1-3 people)
All boats have echo sounder and GPS.
If necessary, you can obtain fishing gear and costumes, floats.
The cottage rent:
79кв.m. - 1670 €\6 nights
195sq.m.- from 2850 €\6 nights
The cost of renting a boat with guide - 800€/day
Lunch on the boat 30€/person.
Fishing licenses 8Eur / day.
The cost of a boat rental from 700€/week

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