Sea fishing in the Bay of Reykjavik

The benefits of sea fishing in Iceland:
1. Blocation near fishing grounds to shore, not more than 30 min. speed boat
2. Almost equally good catches throughout the year, Fishing is limited only by the weather. The best time given the weather conditions, from may to September.
Trophies: 80% of the catch is usually cod, and the rest catfish, haddock, saithe, redfish and of course the coveted halibut.
To 10 kg of fish You can bring home
Our boat takes on Board up to 10 fishermen. The fish which You catch, and this can no doubt be cooked and served directly on the ship. Most of our tours with departure from the port in Reykjavik is 3 hours, if You are on the trophy it is necessary to increase fishing time to 5 hours.

Sea fishing can be combined with:
  • Hunting goose in the period from 20 August to end of November.
  • Salmon fishing from June to mid-October
  • Trout fishing from 1st April until the end of October.

Would be Iceland's harsh sub-Arctic country, if not the Gulf stream that gave the land the mild winter and short cool summer. Although the island vladychestva constant winds, the Icelandic climate is good for human, No wonder the average life expectancy is about 80 years. Summer - during the white nights, The warmest summer month is July, with temperatures up to 15-20'C. July and August are considered to be in Iceland's high tourist and fishing season.
How to get thereHow to get there
Flights to Reykjavik provide the airline "MAU", "IcelandAir", "SAS" and "AirBaltic". All daily flights connecting, the transplant will take place in one of the European cities.

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Our boat in the Bay of Reykjavik

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