Turbot — the common name for 5 species of three genera of the family flatfish squad kamalabari, inhabiting the Northern seas.
The most famous among anglers two species of Nephrolepis halibut, Atlantic and Pacific.
Pacific Pacific halibut distributed in the Northern Pacific ocean. Inhabits the Bering and Okhotsk seas; off the coast of North America from Alaska to California. In the sea of Japan meet single individuals. This species is most numerous in the Eastern part of the Bering sea and the Gulf of Alaska. Nephrolepis Pacific halibut encountered at depths of 0-1200 m, most often between 100 and 600 m, while temperature at the bottom of -1.0 to 11.5° C. Young fish up to 3-5 years lives on the shelf. The adult animals are kept mainly on the continental slope, where water temperature at the bottom is 1.5—4.5° C, making a summer migration to feeding area (coastal shallow water).
Maximum recorded length 470 cm with a weight of 363 kg.
Atlantic Pacific halibut, well known to our fishermen in Norway, lives in the North Atlantic and adjacent parts of the Arctic oceans. In the Eastern Atlantic they are distributed from Novaya Zemlya and Kolguyev island to the Bay of Biscay and in the Western from the Gulf of St. Lawrence to new York. Meet off the coast of Iceland, the East coast of Greenland, the British and the Faroe Islands.
Adults prefer more depth to 2000m. The water temperature in the habitat of these fish ranges 3-8°C. Nephrolepis halibut Atlantic make a long migration length of up to 900 kilometers. Large individuals spend winter in the Lofoten Islands and in the summer they sail to the North.
Maximum recorded length 470 cm, weight 320 kg.
Perfect fishing spot for halibut are a place where there is sandy bottom. This could even be shallow water, where there is a deep-sea trench, where the height can change with the tides. The most interesting halibut-fishing using a jig head. The bait mimics a fish very interested in the halibut and he was willing to bite on such bait. Fishing technique is quite simple, the bait sinks to the bottom, then go up and down 2-3 times about 1 m. from bottom playing the bait.

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