Expedition for Mongolian taimen

Northern Mongolia is a land of trout. For the expedition for this trophy we offer two main rivers in the North-West (tributary of the Lena in the North-East of Mongolia (which flows into Chargor). Both these rivers declared reserves of trout. Fishing is performed by the rule of catch and release. The distance between these rivers is about 800 km, they are completely different, but they share a great fishing and high level of service at the camps. Only in these rivers allowed legal fishing for foreigners. Movement on rivers only the rowing boats, the use of motors is strictly prohibited.
Trophies Mongolian rivers. Of course the main trophy which go all the trout. It is the largest member of the salmon family. Mongolian taimen can live up to fifty years and reach 1.5 m in length. Mainly in the catches caught fish with a size of 0.75-1m., but every season caught a few dozen instances more than a meter. In a large number caught lenok (Siberian trout), grayling.
We prodim tours from January to may.Rivers of the Amur basin (Eastern Mongolia) located below and it extends the fishing season until mid-October. The tour is river rafting with the change camp. In Western Mongolia, on the river 11 camps (3 in the upper and 8 for the entire river), in the Eastern part over the river there are 13 camps in the upper reaches are more comfortable with accommodation in yurts down by the river campground. Three camps have their own airstrips. A great cook will make sure you always had enough to eat and with the heat will help to fight cold beer and excellent wines. During the tour, varied menu with big portions, fresh fruits and vegetables, with free a fine selection of wines. focused on the tastes of American tourists.
Northern Mongolia is peculiar to the greatest on Earth contrasts of annual and daily temperatures, low rainfall with a clearly pronounced summer maximum. The average summer temperature in Northern areas is about 18... 19 °C, but highs of nearly 40 °C
How to get thereHow to get there
From Ulaanbaatar to the camp can be reached in two ways
1. A small aircraft directly to the camp in the upper reaches of the river, which has its own runway. Flight time 3 hours
2. Often our guests want to stay for one or two days on the beautiful lake Hovsgol. In this case the lake you fly on a plane, and then on four-wheel drive vehicles to the camp on the river.
Trout, Trout, Grayling.

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Для размещения на реке мы предлагаем лагеря двух типов - палаточные для кратковременных ночевок и основные стационарные в удобных монгольских юртах. Каждая юрта обеспечивает комфортное проживание двух рыбаков (высота 2,5 м. и диаметр 6 м.). Наши юрты оснащены всем необходимым: дровяная печь, умывальник, небольшой письменный стол, стулья и спальные койки. Шерстяные ковры украшают полы. Каждый лагерь имеет туалет и душ. 


Our boats
Boats: in connection with the prohibition of the use, the habitats of trout, boat motors, for movement on the river we use several models of rowing boats Clackacraft ideal for fly fishing on the Mongolian rivers.


Для перелетов в лагеря предлагаются самолеты Cessna Caravan (9 человек), Pilatus Porter (8 пассажиров) и Maule 7 (3 пассажиров).

Route 1. 6 fishing days in the upper reaches of the river. A group of 6-8 people. Accommodation in yurts. The movement in cars and boats. Price: $ 5,950 US per person

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