Mefjord Brygge

The island of Senja, Senja Island is the second largest island of Norway, with its beauty and diversity of landscapes it is often called Norway in miniature. This is the best place for those who want to see and understand the beauty of this harsh land and enjoy its rich and fascinating fishing. Here on the island all the superlatives and fishing base on which we invite You is no exception. Base in the village of Mefjordvær, in the North of the island of Senja, on a promontory, near the best fishing grounds, provides wide range of services and accommodation, from economy class to VIP.
Within a radius of 20 km are the two best "split-POINT" of the region: "Skreigrunnsdjupet" and "Fallbakken". Cod, saithe, haddock, Menik and catfish are the most common fish species in the region. The last few years, it is very good and halibut fishing — there are often quite large specimens. This is likely due to the fact that for many years near the fjords is forbidden to use revitalume trawlers, and the population of halibut has grown. During the fishing season near the base you can catch halibut almost daily!
The climate on the other side of the island that faces the mainland, some more severe than on the coast of the Norwegian sea. Winters are mild; however, occasionally there are strong winds because of which the comfort level goes down.
Spring is late in April on the Eastern part of the island, nights are still freezing. Summer on the Eastern part of the relatively cool, in July and August, the air in the middle warms up to 15°C. In the West, the summer is warmer, about 20...22°C, sometimes the temperature warms up to 30°C.
How to get thereHow to get there
Airport "Bardufoss" - 1.5 hours drive
Airport Tromsø - 3 hours drive
Passenger ferry "Hurtigruten" (Hurtigruten), runs between about
G. Senja and Finnsnes, and is located approximately 1 hour drive
To get to ségny by the bridge, but the most convenient road from Tromso to the ferry in the village of Brensholmen (Brensholmen). To "Mefford Bruges" is a fully paved road

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Sea fishing:
Large schools of cod from the Barents sea swim very close to the mouth of the fjord, thus creating excellent conditions for fishing all year round, and especially in the period from March to may.
Aprils is undoubtedly the most suitable month for catching big cod, which is called skrei. It can reach up to 30-40 kg. This type of cod comes to Mefjord from the Barents sea by the end of December and remains until the end of April - beginning of may. Skrei have a characteristic whitish color of the body, in contrast to coastal cod, which color is Golden brown because of the algae on which it feeds. An experienced fisherman will not be difficult to distinguish between these two species of fish. Skrei migratory fish, so it has more developed muscles, which its meat is considered of higher quality, it is tender and white. In April you can certainly catch and other fish that are also good pecking from may to July.
May - July - this period for catching halibut, saithe, haddock, catfish, redfish, flounder and sea Corta.
August and September - in these months you can catch the same fish species as in may-July. The main difference is that at the end of the summer side becoming more even within the fjord, and one can often catch individuals weighing from 4 to 15 kg! August is one of the best summer months for fishing and September is the high season for catching trophy halibut.
Freshwater fishing:
From 16 June to 25 Augustand is fishing for one of the best salmon rivers in Norway - Monsalve.


BIG CABIN. Sleeps: 4 2.Bedrooms: 1.The number of houses in the village: 4
4 apartments (one double cabin) with a capacity up to 6 people. Located on the second floor. Each apartment has a small terrace with sea views, a living room connected with a fully equipped kitchen, one bedroom with two 2-tiered beds, high loft with two beds, large bathroom with shower and toilet, cable TV.

TORLEIF STUA. Capacity: 5. Bedrooms: 3. Year built: 2010. The number of houses in the village: 1
Located on the 2nd floor of a new home. Living room combined with fully equipped kitchen, two double bedrooms and one single bedroom, bathroom with shower and toilet

 OLE-WANG GÅRDEN. Capacity: 8. Bedrooms: 8. Bathrooms: 2. Year built: 2010. The number of houses in the village: 1
New house built in 2010, is divided into equal halves. For rent on a half or fully. In each half houses 4 single bedrooms, living room combined with fully equipped kitchen, bathroom with shower and toilet, satellite TV.

SOLBU Capacity: 6 2. Bedroom: 4. Bathrooms: 3. Year built: 2007. The number of houses in the village: 1
Large two-storey house built in traditional Northern Norwegian style, with the highest possible local standards level of comfort. Spacious living room with sofas and a large TV. 4 bedrooms (2 bedrooms with double bed and 2 bedrooms with two single beds). 2 fully equipped kitchens. 3 bathrooms with showers and toilets, one of them has a Jacuzzi. 2 wide terraces. The Parking place, the garden behind the house. Located 100m from the main building and restaurant.
SOLBU is a 3-minute walk from the main building Methord Bruges and about 4 minutes from the piers for fishing. Has private Parking, a garden with benches for relaxing and a spacious terrace to enjoy the beauty of nature. Perfect for a night out.

SOLVEIG STUA & RAGNA STUA. Capacity: 16 2. Bedrooms: 10. Bathrooms: 4. The number of houses in the village: 1
A large house designed in the traditional North-Norwegian style, divided into two equal halves. Each of them has 5 bedrooms, 8 1 seats, a large living space, and wireless Internet access.
In each half:
On the ground floor: entrance hall, living room with TV, kitchen, one bedroom with a single bed, bathroom with shower and toilet.
On the first floor: 4 bedrooms (3 bedrooms with two single beds and one bedroom with one bunk bed).

NORTHERN LIGHTS APARTMENTS. Capacity: 7. Modern building, built in the beginning of 2016, consists of three apartments.
In each of the apartments

  • on the ground floor: terrace with sea view, living room combined with fully equipped kitchen, one bedroom with a single bed, bathroom with shower and toilet.
  • on the second floor: two bedrooms with single beds, two bedrooms with double beds, bathroom with shower and toilet.

SENJA LODGE can accommodate up to 8 persons 4 x double bedrooms 2 x living rooms, 1 kitchen,1 bath, 1 toilet, is a traditional and cosy style house with the spirit of lifestyle outdoors such as climbing, mountaineering and skiing. It contains 4 bedrooms, a living room with cable TV, a spacious living room, wireless Internet access, fully equipped kitchen, bathroom, toilet and terrace with Seating area and views of the fjord.

Small Cabin. Capacity: 2. Bedrooms: 1. The number of houses in the village: 4
4 small apartment located on the first floor. Each apartment has a small terrace with sea views, living room combined with fully equipped kitchen, one bedroom with bunk bed, bathroom with shower and toilet, cable TV.

HOSTEL. 9 rooms with cable TV and wireless Internet access. Washbasin in the room but showers and toilets are shared. Separate entrances for men and women is easily accessible from the hallway.


Kværnø 19
18 motor boat Kværnø, 19 feet, with four stroke engines Yamaha 50 HP Aluminum boat is equipped with maps, fish finders and GPS navigators. Also on all the boats trackers installed AIS (Automatic identification system)
With the 2016 base offers a new boat “Sargo”, 36 feet high, with a captain and guide. The boat is equipped observation deck, two toilets and four beds for guests. Ideal for long excursions far outs for fishing trophies and whale watching.

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