Fishing base "Sea and Mountains"

Airport Trance, 40 km / 45 min
The nearest town and shop - Hansnes, 17 km
Sheltered fjord
The lack of a ferry crossing
Diesel boats

Located on the island of Ringbase, on the Pacific fjord, but the accessibility from the open sea, a new (built in 2010) fishing base Hav og Fjell (Sea and Mountains) offers quality service for anglers. In addition to a good fishing base placement is interesting because it is only 40 km from tromsø. The level of service is one of the highest in the region. Convenient location of the base makes it virtually impossible for the fishing, weather depending. You can fish in protected wide fjord with a good bottom topography or easy walk to the "long cans" in the open sea. This place is famous for excellent fishing for halibut, the owners say that halibut are caught almost everyone who comes to him.
Interesting opportunities for freshwater fishing in 40 km from the base of the lake, which can be arranged, other lake accessible only by foot (45 minutes each way). The owners sell a license for both lakes, also can be provided by fishing guide and also rent tackle for freshwater fishing.

At the base near the pier there is a special room for cutting and storage of fish, a restaurant with 32 seats and a bar with alcohol (to be booked in advance, minimum order for 6 persons). It is possible to conduct seminars and conferences, has all the necessary equipment (plasma, projector, etc.). In addition to saunas in every house, there is a separate large sauna for 12 people in the grill hut with a fireplace and an outdoor Jacuzzi for 4-8 people (surcharge). The base offers rental fishing suits, gear, and snowshoes and skis.
Due to the warm Gulf stream, the climate in the area Tromse quite soft. The main feature of the climate of Tromso, large amounts of snow. Over the winter depth of snow may equal 2 meters. In winter it is relatively warm. The air temperature does not fall below minus 4 degrees Celsius. But cool in summer. The average July temperature is 12 degrees Celsius. The best time to visit Tromso is the spring. At this time, the weather having warm Sunny days and the harsh polar night is already over.
How to get thereHow to get there
Flight to Tromso with one change (travel time 6-7 hours). From the airport transfers cost from € 90 in both directions.
GPS coordinates: 69.862954: 19.401354

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On the base there are 5 new two-storey cottages-cabin 100 square metres and can accommodate up to 7 people.
Each cottage has:4 bedrooms, a fully equipped kitchen, 2 bathrooms with shower and toilet, sauna, fireplace, freezer, storage space for clothes and fishing gear, TV, Internet, terrace with beautiful sea views.
Four of the five cottages is a sauna.


Arvor 230
Six boats with an engine of 150 HP Cummings MerCruiser 2.0 l, diesel. For groups up to 6 people.
Electronic devices: Lowrance HDS 7 touch and combi radar, sonar, WHF, AIS tracking system, defroster.
Standard equipment: holders for fishing, fish boxes, a tank for baths, boat hook, life jackets.
Arvor 280
One boat with engine 320 HP Cummings MerCruiser diesel 4.2 ltr. For groups up to 9 people.
Electronic devices: Lowrance HDS 7 touch and combi radar, sonar, WHF, AIS tracking system, defroster.
Standard equipment: holders of rods, boxes for fish tank for baht, a handle for measuring fish, a halibut hook, life jackets.
Requirements: This boat requires knowledge and experience in handling large ships.
Arvor 810
One boat, accommodating up to 6 people, diesel engine 220л\s
Requirements: This boat requires knowledge and experience of driving large ships

The cost of one week accommodation including rent of the boat for up to 4 people from 3 400 euros.

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