Seiland Brygge

Seiland Brygge is a small fishing-tourist base located on the island of Seiland near Seiland National Park and 20 km from Hammerfest. Ideal for leisure and fishing in a quiet environment alone with the amazing Northern nature and beauty of the Norwegian fjords. Water area is protected in case of wind. At the same time the open water was very close. The island of Seiland (Seiland) is opposite the island of Soroya, separated by a Strait, in which so many different spots for fishing and great fishing. From the island of Soroya (opposite To the side) to go on the boat for about 30 minutes. If you wish, and good weather. in the open sea in the direction To (from the base to the left towards the Strait) or in the direction of Hammerfest (from the base to the right through the Strait), but this is not necessarily so as in the Strait is almost always great fishing, just can change the point where the time is fish. Many people like to fish inside the fjords 10-15 minute boat ride from the base. There are also several mountain lakes and there caught wild brown trout and Arctic char (license not needed, you can catch free).
Separate statistics on trophy fish on the base are not, but cod 24-26 kg and halibut 70-80 kg. are not uncommon, the record halibut 2016. weighed 94 kg .
Seiland Brygge is one of the unique places in the world where You yourself can catch, cook and taste the natural meat of king (Kamchatka) crab. You'll enjoy krabolovy will show places in the fjords, where they are best put. After 1-2 days, returning on the next boat after fishing, You can get crab traps, in which, almost certainly, will be Your memorable catch — live king (Kamchatka) crab! Returning to base in his cottage and tasted boiled in seawater, salt water, fresh meat-villenage crab, You will never want to buy it in city hypermarkets.

Distance to:
  • store, drugstore and gas station is 30 meters
  • airport 20 km (Hammerfest), 150 km (Alta)
  • Shopping Mall, restaurant, Bank 20 km
  • sea is 15 meters
  • the lake is 850 metres away
  • the river is 20 meters
Additional services based on:
  • Costume hire-float.
  • Rent gear.and Khrabrovo.
  • A shop selling fishing gear.
  • Grocery store
  • Russian-speaking fishing guide.
  • Diving
  • Underwater hunting.
  • Snowmobile rental.
  • Transfer airport - base - airport.
Attention!! In view of okrestnosti mountains, mobile communications in the territory of the base is not available
On the basis of speak: Russian, Norwegian, English, German
The island has a Maritime climate with mild winters. The reason for the relatively warm weather is the effect of the Gulf stream. Every season on the island has its own charm: happy winter, Northern lights, spring — Arctic awakening summer — the midnight sun and autumn stirs the imagination with bright colors.
How to get thereHow to get there
To get to the island from the mainland using the ferry. The ferry crossing is short, approximately 8 km to the town of Hammerfest (if you drive from Alta). The ferry goes to 5-6 times a day. The schedule depends on day of the week. The last ferry to the base at about 20:00. Ferry to the island is 10 minutes and then 19 km by car to the base.

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Треска клюет весь сезон с марта по октябрь (в конце сентября-октябре трески уже становится чуть меньше).
Зубатка хорошо клюет с марта-апреля  по июль-август.
Крупная сайда и пикша идет в основном с августа по октябрь.
Красный морской окунь есть весь зезон.
Наилучшее время по палтусу считается май и конец сентября-начало октября, хотя в летние месяцы он тоже нормально клюёт, как не очень большой до 10 кг (прибрежный) так и трофейные экземпляры 40-50 кг.
Самое удачное время для ловли королевского краба внутри фьордов — с июня по ноябрь.


Big house - accommodation in new, modern, comfortable and cozy home for eight people with an area of 98m2. The house is built by hand using only eco-friendly materials from natural wood. On the West side of the house is a large veranda with views of the sea and fjords. The house has four separate bedrooms with single beds for two people each, as well as a private sauna and a fully equipped kitchen, a spacious living room with comfortable corner sofa, two separate bathrooms and walk-in shower. There is a washing machine and a dishwasher, a refrigerator, a microwave and a dining table. In the living room with a sofa, TV, satellite TV, DVD player and free high-speed, wireless Internet WI-FI. The house is located right on the seafront (10 meters from the sea), close to the new pier for mooring boats (10-20 meters from the pier) and next to the store (10-20 meters from the store). Here there is a separate room for cutting and storing fish, separate drying room for fishing clothes and shoes and a separate freezer 400-500 liters.

Три коттеджа для проживания четырех человек, площадью 51 м2 каждый. Коттеджи построенны вручную с использованием экологически чистых материалов из натурального дерева. На западной стороне коттеджей есть веранды с видом на море и фьорды. Каждый коттедж с двумя спальными комнатами на двух человек каждая.
В коттедже имеются отдельная сауна и полностью оборудованная кухня, просторная гостиная с удобным угловым диваном, туалетная комната и душевая. Есть стиральная и посудомоечная машина, холодильник, микро-волновая печь и обеденный стол на 5-6 человек. В гостиной диван, телевизор, спутниковое телевидение «Триколор» (на русском языке), DVD плеер и бесплатный, скоростной, беспроводной интернет WI-FI.
Коттеджи расположены прямо на береговой линии (10 метров от моря), вблизи причала с катерами (10-20 метров от причала) и рядом с магазином (30-40 метров от магазина).
Здесь же рядом располагается отдельное помещение для разделки и хранения рыбы, отдельная сушилка для рыбацкой одежды и обуви и отдельные морозильные камеры на 400 литров.


Beneteau Barracuda 7
The boat Beneteau Barracuda 7, length -7,14 meters and a width of 2.72 meters. The 2013 model year with a new powerful and economical petrol engine, SUZUKI 140 HP, equipped with a new GPS/sounder LOWRANCE HDS 7" Gen2 with multi-function display and optional 3D SCAN sensor to detect fish and accurate seabed topography and with the built-in aft targas for 4 rods and extra racks on the sides.
Inside the boat there is a cabin where you can relax, sleep and eat, if Your fishing will last for all day or all night. We recommend you to use this boat for fishing groups with 3-4 people.
Quicksilver Pilothouse РН755
The boat Quicksilver Pilothouse РН755 length is 7.39 m and a width of 2.83 metres. The 2015 model year with a new powerful and economical petrol engine SUZUKI 175 HP, equipped with a new GPS/sounder/maps-a-plotter LOWRANCE HDS 7" Gen2 with multi-function display and an additional 3D SCAN the Senser to detect fish and the exact topography of the seabed. The boat is equipped with an automatic satellite system for Maritime safety AIS and built-in VHF and fully equipped with the necessary number of racks for sea spinning. Inside the boat there is a cabin where you can relax, sleep and eat if Your fishing zatyanetsya all day or all night. We recommend you to use this boat for fishing groups with 3-4 people.
Corvet 600
Boat Corvet 600, length of 6.30 meters and a width of 2.25 meters.
The hull is made from aluminium, with a new, powerful and very economical petrol engine 90 HP SUZUKI (2012), equipped with a new GPS/sounder LOWRANCE HDS 5" Gen2 Fishfinder/Chartplotter with multi-function display, and is installed above the cabin of targas for 6 spinning rods. Inside the boat there is a cabin where you can relax, sleep and eat, if Your fishing will last for all day or all night. We recommend you to use this boat for fishing groups number 2 person aimed at a trophy fish.
A group of 6-8 people for one week.from 3900 Euro
Accommodation in the big house
Two boats Quicksilver Pilothouse PH755, Suzuki 175 HP
Not included:
Final cleaning of the house
Final cleaning of the boat
A group of 3-4 people for one week from 1900 Euro
Stay in a cottage
Marine boat Beneteau Barracuda 7, Suzuki 140 HP
Not included:
Final cleaning of the house
Final cleaning of the boat

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